Student Employment

Student Employment

The Graduate Center’s Student Employment Program (SEP) places students in on-campus positions in Student Services, Student Affairs, the Child Development and Learning Center, Mina Reis Library, and Information Technology Offices.

Participating Graduate Center students must be enrolled full-time (Doctoral students - 7 or more credits/WIUs and Master’s students - 9 or more credits. Audit credits do not count towards full-time enrollment). Students who drop below full-time will no longer be eligible to participate in the SEP Program. You must be registered full-time for our office to submit your completed SEP payroll documents to the Human Resources Office for processing.

Any over payment will have to be returned to the Student Employment Program upon receipt of a bill from the Graduate Center’s Payroll Office. Failure to repay any overpayment will result in a hold placed on your CUNY first account.

This program does not provide health insurance.

Students will not be paid for breaks, vacations, sick time, jury duty and/or any days the university is closed.
The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism students are not eligible to receive funding from this program.

The total amount of the Student Employment Award must be earned. All SEP students are restricted to a 20 hour work week during the academic year. The pay rate is $18 per hour (effective 7/1/18) and positions are filled by referral.
Once a student is hired in a SEP, the student must submit the documents listed below as soon as possible. Failure to submit the necessary documents will result in significantly delayed payments.

Student Employment Documents – Must be submitted in person:
I-9 Form *
FERPA Statement (also known as the Confidentiality Agreement)
W-4 Withholding form for the IRS** 
IT-2104 Withholding form for NYS**
Social Security Card – Please bring your original card (no copies, or metal versions)

All SEP Students and their Supervisor are to complete the SEP Job Description/Placement Form – both of you must complete, read, sign, and retain a copy of the form for future reference.
The SEP Supervisor is to return to the original form to the Financial Aid Office for processing. Make sure that both of you have initialed the Non-Discrimination Statement and the Acceptance of Placement Sections.

* All International Students must have their I-9 Form completed by the International Students Office.
**Newly hired and reappointed International Students are to complete the Sprintax Tax Determination System (TDS) Process. You must self-identify and send an email to our office: with the subject line: “SEP International Student.” Your email should contain your legal name, Graduate Center email address, CUNY first ID # and when you expect to start working.  This will initiate the set-up process to create an invitation to access the TDS website.
SEP Students and SEP Supervisors
The SEP Student must advise the SEP Supervisor of any intent to resign in advance in writing. The SEP Supervisor must forward this information to the Office of Fellowships and Financial Aid, immediately. Our office must be informed of the total number of hours the student has worked to determine if there is an overpayment.

To Apply:
Send an email to with the subject line “Seeking a Student Employment Position” and attach your current resume or CV.