Return of Title IV Policy

A student who withdraws from all of his or her courses during the term must have the Graduate Center and the School of Journalism determine if any of the federal student aid received should be returned to the Department of Education. Federal student aid eligibility is based on the length of time a student attends his or her classes. If a student does not attend his or her classes for the entire term, federal regulations may require that the student return all or a portion of the federal aid received.

If a student receives all W, NGR, WA, and/or WN grades for a term, that student (if in receipt of Federal Student Aid other then Federal Work-Study) must perform this calculation. The number of days remaining in from the school’s last date of attendance determines the repayment percentage.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements apply to federal student aid recipients regardless of the funding status due to a Return of Title IV Funds. Repayment of part of a student’s federal student aid does not release that student from the satisfactory academic progress requirements.

Withdrawal Date Policy

Federal regulations will determine official withdrawal dates. Title IV calculations are based upon the date the withdrawal is received by the Office of the Registrar.  If the need to withdraw occurs after the last date to withdraw as posted by the Registrar, then an additional signature of the VP of Student Affairs is required.

Refund policies are available in the Student Handbook.

Return of Title IV Funds

CUNY - The Graduate Center and The Graduate School of Journalism will adhere to federal policies when determining the amount of funding that must be returned by the school and/or the student to Title IV programs.

Adhering to federal regulations, the school will calculate the Title IV aid that must be returned and the amount of aid that has or will be disbursed based on the Withdrawal Date, aid to be returned, the university’s responsibility, the student’s responsibility, and amount of Title IV aid to be returned to federal student aid programs.  The Financial Aid Office will send a letter or an e-mail to students who fit into the Return to Title IV Funds processes, and this correspondence will explain how the school calculated their return.  Further details about the calculation of returns and available disbursements are available from the Financial Aid Office.

Funds Returned by Federal Student Aid Program for Graduate Students

Federal Student Loan Programs include Unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loan, Direct Plus Loans, and Federal Perkins Loans.

Students must return portions for which they are responsible to the loan programs (see Return of Funds below), and the University will calculate these portions and any funds required to be returned to the loan programs.  This will be done in accordance with the terms of the promissory note.

Special note: For students that drop below half-time at any point in the semester, your federal aid program funds will be cancelled and must be returned. 

Return of Funds

Students should make payments directly to the Business Office in Room 8105.  They should not send payments to any other department or agency.

Fellowship Recipients

In order to receive a fellowship, students must be registered full-time (7 credits/WIUs).  Audit credits do not count towards full-time enrollment for financial aid/fellowship purposes.
Students who drop below full-time but remain enrolled will have their fellowship, including tuition coverage, cancelled.  Students will be responsible for paying any remaining tuition charges and returning any stipend funds they had been paid.
Students who withdraw from all of their courses before 60% of the semester has passed (for fall 2017, before November 3rd. For spring 2018, before April 11th) will have their fellowship, including tuition coverage, cancelled.  Students will be responsible for paying any remaining tuition charges and returning any fellowship funds they had been paid.
Students who withdraw from all of the courses after 60% of the semester has passed (for fall 2017, November 3rd or later. For spring 2018, April 11th or later) will be able to retain their fellowship and tuition coverage. 
Course withdrawal can affect a student’s academic progress and future financial aid eligibility.
Students considering withdrawing from a course are strongly advised to speak with financial aid about the impact of the withdrawal on their financial aid.