International Travel Requirements for Current Students


Mandatory notification requirements and travel insurance for international academic travel
 by graduate students for independent research, internships, language study, practicums, conference attendance/presentation, or job interviews regardless of the source of funding.

Please note that this policy does not pertain to leisure travel and family visits.

All students planning independent international* academic travel or participating in Graduate Center academic sponsored trips must fulfill the following requirements:
  1. Purchase international medical and travel insurance coverage for the following benefit areas: accident/medical, evacuation for medical or security reasons, and repatriation of remains. The insurance policy must provide coverage for the insured individual for the entire travel period including travel days to and from the destination(s). Students may purchase low cost travel insurance from the CUNY designated carrier, Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), or another provider that meets the above requirements. If you do not purchase coverage through CISI, you must provide proof of comparable coverage through another carrier. Coverage must include evacuation for safety/security.

    Purchase insurance from CISI here. Contact the office for Student Affairs to obtain the Graduate Center's sponsor code in order to access the low cost CUNY rate.
  2. Students participating in either independent international academic travel or study abroad programs are required to register their travel into a CUNY-wide database. Please visit CUNY's Before You Go page to complete your CUNY-GO Travel Registration. This ensures campus notification of emergency situations occuring in students' international travel locations.

    This registration requires proof of the required CISI insurance policy, so have your insurance confirmation email ready before logging in. Again, use "CUNY-GC" for the sponsor code needed to enroll in CISI insurance under the CUNY-approved plan.
  3. Submit the insurance confirmation form with a copy of the insurance card and proof of purchase to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. (see Required Forms below)

The current weekly rate is $15.58 per week for a maximum of 22 days. The current monthly rate is $58.03 per month for more than 22 days.  

Please note that students enrolled in NYSHIP or any other medical insurance plan (GHI, AETNA, etc.) are required to purchase separate travel insurance. Most plans including NYSHIP do not cover international accident/medical, evacuation for medical or security reasons, and repatriation of remains.

  1. File a signed CUNY Independent Travel Notification, Waiver, and Emergency Contact Form (see links below) with the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  1. Consult with the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs regarding U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings or Alerts as soon as students become aware that planned travel is to an area with a Level 3 or Level 4 travel advisory in effect. Check travel advisories.
*International travel is classified as any student travel that takes place outside of the fifty states of the United States of America. Trips to Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories and protectorates are considered international trips.

Independent Academic Travel Defined
Independent Academic Travel is any international travel by a student for the purpose of pursuing research or internship activities related to academic work at CUNY.  This includes travel by graduate students for independent research, language study, internships, practicums, conference attendance/presentation, or job interviews regardless of the source of funding.
Sponsored Trips Defined
For purposes of these guidelines, a Sponsored Trip is any international travel that is (1) sponsored or organized by a CUNY college, office, department, or division, or a recognized and chartered student organization, or otherwise organized  by a CUNY faculty member or administrator in his or her official CUNY capacity, and  (2) funded by any monies in the control of the college, the University, or a University/College-related entity, including the CUNY Research Foundation, a college auxiliary enterprise corporation, GC Center or Institute or a college association/student services corporation. Sponsored trip organizers must obtain approval from the Provost.

Students receiving any GC travel/research funds (including but not limited to Dissertation Fellowship Awards, Doctoral Student Research Grants, Conference Presentation Support, etc.) who do not submit a CUNY Independent Travel Notification, Waiver, and Emergency Contact Form and/or are not enrolled in the University’s international insurance or comparable program will not receive funding for the purpose of travel. Students receiving any other financial support from the GC and who travel internationally for academic/research purposes, may jeopardize their funding if they do not purchase the appropriate insurance and submit the waiver.  
CUNY International Travel Guidelines <pdf>

Forms must be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Students Affairs two weeks prior to departure.
For Independent Travelers
For Sponsored Trips
CUNY faculty or staff who are planning CUNY-sponsored international travel must consult the university guidelines and requirements for sponsored trips, which include the requirement that a “program director must submit a sponsored trip proposal to the Office of the Provost [at least] six months before the proposed trip.”

Policies, documents, and other resources pertaining to sponsored trips can be found in CUNY International Travel Guidelines and CUNY Study Abroad -  Before you go.

For any questions or additional information, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Room 7301, 212-817-7400,