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Health Insurance


New York State Health Insurance Plan

Three basic requirements must be met for Graduate Center students to be eligible for NYSHIP/SEHP health insurance coverage. 

  • First, the students must be matriculated in a doctoral program at the Graduate Center.

  • Second, they must be employed in one of the following Professional Staff Congress (PSC) titles: Graduate Assistant A, B, C or D; Adjunct Instructor; Adjunct Lecturer; Adjunct College Laboratory Technician (CLT); Non-Teaching Adjunct I or II.

  • Third, they must earn at least $4,122 per year in one of those titles; or, they must earn at least $2,061 per semester if they are employed for just one semester. (These figures are subject to change.)

All are eligible in the semester in which they are employed by CUNY, as long as they earn at least these minimum amounts. Those enrolled in the Spring semester can be covered over the summer if, during the Spring semester, they complete a form that will allow payroll deductions to extend coverage for the summer months. Students may contact for this form. 

If students do not meet all of these eligibility criteria for NYSHIP/SEHP coverage, information on alternative student health insurance is available. 


While enrollment in the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) can be made effective at the beginning of the fall semester, please allow a couple of weeks to process the enrollment and issue identification cards. To ensure that your coverage is effective at the start of the fall semester, you must submit your form on or before August 25, 2016. It is suggested that you have any regular or urgent prescriptions filled, and that you meet with your physician, if necessary, before arriving for classes at the Graduate Center. 

For more information, visit NYSHIP on the GC website.

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