Consortium Permits

Students interested in taking courses via the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium (IUDC) for Fall 2021, please be aware of the following:

Submission of the IUDC Registration forms for Fall 2021 courses will not be accepted until August 2, 2021 at the various consortium schools.
Should anything change, please refer to our webpage for updates.
The Registrar


Inter- University Doctoral Consortium (IUDC)

The Graduate Center is a member of the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium, which provides for cross-registration among member institutions. Matriculated Graduate Center doctoral students may cross-register for doctoral study in the graduate schools of arts and sciences of the following institutions: Columbia University (including Teachers College), Fordham University, New School University, New York University (including Steinhardt School of Education), Princeton University, Rutgers-New Brunswick (State University of New Jersey), and Stony Brook (State University of New York). The Graduate Center has a similar arrangement with the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design and Culture whereby students may take classes at either school with the appropriate permissions. 

What are the eligibility requirements to take course(s) at a consortium school?    

Students applying for an e-Permit must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • A student must be matriculated full-time or part-time in a doctoral (not master’s) program at one of the participating institutions.
  • Must have completed at least two semesters of graduate study at the home institution and, as a Graduate Center student, be between the second and sixth year of enrollment.
  • Courses available for cross-registration should not normally be available at the home institution.
  • Participation in cross-registration is subject to approval by the deans of the home and host institutions.   

Is there a limit to how many Consortium courses students can take? 
  • As per the Student Handbook, students can take a maximum of 2 consortium courses per semester.

Consortium Permit Out

Graduate Center students interested in taking a course at a consortium school can fill out part one of the Permit Out Consortium Form.

The above form requires the Department Executive Officer and the VP of Student Affairs approval.

Once students have part one of the Permit Out Consortium form filled out, they will be given part two of ther Permit out Consortium form. This form requires the IUDC Coordinator and the instructor signature from the host school and the Registrar's signature from the home school. 

Consortium Registration

Students approved to take a course at a consortium school will be enrolled for a course at The Graduate Center that will bill them for the number of approved credits they can take at the participating school. Registration to this course does not mean the student is enrolled for the course at the host school. 

Students will need to enroll themselves to the course(s) they have been approved to take at the host school. The IUDC coordinator at each respective school will reach out to students and let them know how to enroll for their course(s). 

Withdrawing from Consortium Course

Graduate Center students choose to drop their consortium course must inform the IUDC coordinator at the host school they are attending and must inform the Office of the Registrar at The Graduate Center. 

Students who decide to drop a consortium course will need to sign part two if the IUDC form. 

Additional Questions

Students who have any IUDC additional questions may contact Jessica Rivera, Associate Registrar at


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