Couples Counseling

We are now offering short-term couples counseling to matriculated Graduate Center students and their partners/spouses. Your partner does not have to be a student at the Graduate Center in order to request couples counseling here.

Many couples experience difficulties in communication about a range of issues. The stresses and responsibilities of graduate school can sometimes trigger or exacerbate tensions in a relationship.

If you and your partner/spouse are interested in finding solutions to problems you are facing, counseling services are available to you. To make an appointment, stop by the Wellness Center, Room 6422, to fill out a Request for Services form. Appointments are then made based on your availability indicated on this form. If one of the partners is not a student, she/he will be asked to complete a Partner Request for Services form.

You may wish to download and complete a Request for Services form or a Partner Request for Services form beforehand.