We offer a number of ongoing therapy groups that meet once weekly throughout the academic year. 

The Dissertation Completion Group addresses problems in working on and completing the dissertation. In a safe and confidential atmosphere, students have a chance to share their experiences and the group works toward finding solutions to obstacles.

The Parenting and Graduate School Support Group addresses the difficulty of managing the usual stresses of graduate student life.  If you are also a parent, juggling multiple responsibilities can be a real challenge.  This weekly group offers parenting support.

The Ongoing Challenges of Graduate Student Life Group addresses the unique stresses graduate students often face, including multiple responsibilities, academic pressure, concerns about the job market and financial responsibilities. These stresses exist alongside the potentially exciting challenge of developing identities as new scholars in students’ chosen fields.

LGBTQ Graduate Student Support Group
Graduate school can be exciting and exhilarating; it can also be a source of stress. For graduate students who identify as LGBTQ, there may be additional stressors connected to the academic and social demands of graduate life. Do you worry about coming out in your classroom or department? Or do you worry about being out, even before you open your mouth? How do you manage instances of homophobia or heterosexism in school? How do you nurture and sustain your personal relationships, while facing the very real pressures of academic life? What are the ways in which the multiple dimensions of your identity (sexual orientation, gender, class, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation) intersect, and how does this come up in the context of graduate school?

For more information or to inquire about joining a group, please come to the Wellness Center, Room 6422, to fill out a Request for Services form.  Be sure to have your student I.D. available to present.  You must have the validation sticker for the current semester in order to be eligible.