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Mental Wellbeing Video Series

International Students, We Are Here For You!

Dr. Vivi Wei-Chun Hua is a licensed clinical psychologist with a thriving private practice in New York City.  She specializes in counseling and coaching international students and is fluent in Mandarin. In this video, she shares with us some themes, insights, and coping strategies for international graduate students

Navigating the New Normal

Jessie Borkan, a clinical fellow for Student Counseling Services (SCS) discusses her virtual workshop titled "Navigating the New Normal: Coping with Loneliness, Uncertainty, and Change in the Time of COVID-19" with Inez Strama, Psy.D., CGP, Supervising Clinical Psychologist at the SCS.

Losing a Loved One During the Pandemic

Arielle Shanok, Ph.D., deputy director of the Wellness Center for Student Counseling Services discusses some unique challenges of losing a loved one during the Covid-19 pandemic, what to expect while grieving and how to heal.

Racial Battle Fatigue, COVID19 and Communities of Color

Adjoa Osei, Psy.D. discusses her upcoming virtual workshop, “Racial Battle Fatigue, COVID19 and Communities of Color”.

Health Anxiety During Covid19

Paul B. Greene, Ph.D., director of the Manhattan Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, discusses health anxieties during COVID19.

Self-Care for Graduate Students

Eva Jo Meyers, M.A. shares some themes, insights, and coping strategies from her virtual workshop Self-Care for Graduate Students.

Stress, Worry and Anxiety Amid COVID-19

Nicole Elden, Psy.D., Assistant Director of Student Counseling Services, discusses how feelings of stress, worry and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic may be affecting you in new and challenging ways, and provides some strategies which may help you cope.