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Floor Plans

The Graduate Center Apartments complex offers one of Manhattan’s most sought-after resources— bright, comfortable, airy, and affordable modern housing. For students, smartly furnished studios, one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments are available for individuals, couples, and families. Alternatively, students may license a private bedroom in a share with other students.

Faculty have the option of unfurnished one- and two-bedroom apartments, many of which feature terraces.

For all Graduate Center Apartments, no fees are required and all rental charges include heat and water.


We pride ourselves on offering affordable housing to our residents. Compare our monthly rate to the Manhattan average or even to average rents in the same neighborhood.

Student Apartment Layout Options Listed Below


370 sq. ft.
2021-22: $1,525 (per month)


One Bedroom

574 sq. ft.
2021-22: $2,085 (per month)


Two Bedroom

806 sq.ft.
2021-22: $1,365 (per month/per bedroom); $2,720 (per month/per unit)

Three Bedroom

1,067 sq.ft.
2021-22: $1,115 (per month/per bedroom)

Four Bedroom

1,310 sq. ft.
2021-22: $1,075 (per month/per bedroom)

Faculty Apartment Options Listed Below

One Bedroom 7th Floor with Terrace

703 sq. ft / 596 sq. ft. terrace
2021-22: $2,515 (per month)

Two Bedroom 7th Floor with Terrace

1046 sq. ft / 212 sq. ft. terrace
2021-22: $1,635 (per month/per bedroom); $3,260 (per month/per unit)

One Bedroom 8th Floor

703 sq. ft
2021-22: $2,390 (per month)

Two Bedroom 8th Floor

1046 sq. ft
2021-22: $1,555 (per month/per bedroom); $3,100 (per month/per unit)