The Office of Career Planning and Professional Development

Our Mission
The Office of Career Planning and Professional Development (OCPPD) supports the Graduate Center’s students in reaching their career goals. The office offers individual career counseling to students, including advice on CVs, resumes, and other job search materials; assistance with preparing for interviews; and discussions on career planning strategies.
In partnership with other Graduate Center offices and programs, the OCPPD endeavors to help students develop a multidisciplinary skill set, to provide opportunities for training in current research tools, and to encourage students in their pursuit of outside funding opportunities.

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Information for Employers
Students in a range of cutting-edge fields matriculate at the Graduate Center. Here, they gain a breadth of skills and expertise that can help advance your organization. If you'd like to post a job or internship, please contact Jennifer Furlong, director of Career Planning, at
Information for Alumni
The Alumni Task Force serves as a resource for current graduate students by planning programming and providing mentorship to assist students in navigating their careers. Your experience at the Graduate Center and your success in your chosen field offer a valuable perspective to students. If you are interested in getting involved with the Alumni Task Force, please contact

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