Graduate Center Student Intervention Team (GCSIT)

The Graduate Center Student Intervention Team (GCSIT) supports a healthy and safe on-campus environment by assisting students whose behavior is worrisome or disruptive.  
Any member of the college community can reach out to the GC Student Intervention Team to report a concern about a student through our on-line reporting form or by calling a the Student Affairs Office at x 7400. The GCSIT will review the report and take appropriate action. Reports may be made confidentially.

In case of an emergency, call Security and Public Safety at x7777

How to refer students you are concerned about:

•    Students showing worrisome, aberrant, or concerning behavior, who are not readily, appropriately, or effectively approachable for help or advice by faculty, staff or students, should be reported to the GC Student Intervention Team by using the web report form or by calling at x7020. Further steps may be indicated in these cases.  See Guide to Action for more details. 

•    Students showing signs of difficulty who can be approached directly by concerned others (faculty, staff or other students) may be referred to the Wellness Center (Room 6422, x 7020), the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs (Room 7301, x7400), or the Ombuds (Room 7313, x7191). See Guide to Action for more details.

False and malicious reporting is unacceptable and will be investigated. 

Chair of the GC Student Intervention Team

Matthew Schoengood

Vice President for Student Affairs
The Graduate Center
Room 7301.01

Phone 212-817-7400

Team Members

John Flaherty

Director of Security & Public Safety
Graduate Center
Room 9117.01

Phone 212-817-7761

Robert Hatcher

Director/Adjunct Professor
The Graduate Center
Room 6425

Phone 212-817-7029