GCSIT Guide to Action

When a Student’s Behavior is Disturbing

Students are disturbing when their behavior is dangerous, frightening, or disruptive; or is damaging or threatening to themselves or others.

A.  If the situation is urgent: a student is:
•    Threatening the safety of self or others
•    Acting in frightening or threatening manner
•    Not leaving the classroom after being asked to leave
•    Reporting or initiating a threat or bomb scare
•    Deliberately interferes with instruction
•    Behaving lewdly or indecently
•    Breaching the peace/intoxicated

Action Required
Immediately report worrisome/disturbing behavior
Call Security and Public Safety at x7777

B.  If the situation is disturbing but not urgent: the student:
•    Does something significantly out of character
•    Acts peculiar and causes alarm
•    Displays unhealthy or dangerous patterns of behavior
•    Substantially impairs, interferes with, or obstructs orderly processes and functions of the University
Action Required
Report worrisome/Disturbing behavior
Graduate Center Intervention Team
at x7400     
Complete online GCSIT Concerned Person Report at https://staging.gc.cuny.edu/Test/Carousel-Sample.aspx

When a Student’s Behavior is Distressing

Students who are showing signs of distress, such as depression, anxiety, or performance below their accustomed or expected level are considered distressing. These students are typically approachable by faculty or others, and can be guided to find appropriate help; they may ask for help directly. Call Student Counseling Services (x7020) for assistance in approaching such students if needed.

Counseling and Referral Situations

A.  If the student exhibits the following behaviors:
•    Communication indicates loss of touch with reality
•    Communication reflect suicidal thoughts or actions,
•    Victim of sexual assault, relationship violence
•    Student is anxious and distressed
Action Required
Refer to Student Counseling Services
Room 6422
B.  If the Student exhibits the following behavior:
•    Has not attended class for an extended period of time
•    Is overwhelmed by a problem with the university
•    Is debilitated or overwhelmed by family emergency
Action Required
Refer to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Room 7301

Note: Regardless of the situation, contact any of the above offices for support or information