Graduate Center Awards More Than Eighty Dissertation Fellowships

Associate Provost for Humanities and Social Sciences Louise Lennihan, on April 16, announced that the Graduate Center’s 2013–14 dissertation fellowship competition, which comprised a record number of 299 proposals, has resulted in the awarding of more than $1,656,000 in stipends and tuition awards to eighty-three Level III doctoral candidates. “This enhanced funding addresses one of the principal goals of the Graduate Center’s Strategic Plan: to increase financial support for our students,” said Lennihan. She expressed her gratitude to those members of the faculty who served on the review panels and extended congratulations to the award-winning students, who are listed below, with the name of their fellowships, their programs, and the titles of their dissertations. All fellowships carry tuition coverage and, unless otherwise noted, are for $22,000.
Capelloni Dissertation Fellowship
Paula Burleigh (Art History) The Labyrinth, the Cave, and the Monolith: Archaic Utopias, 1947–1968
Dissertation Year Fellowships
Keren Bachi (Social Welfare) An Equine-Facilitated Prison-Based Program: Human–Horse Relations and Effects on Emotions and Behaviors
Susan Barile (English) Brought Up for Each Other: The Collected Letters of Edith Wharton and Bernard Berenson
Jacob Berger (Philosophy) The Representational Character of Mental Qualities
Geoff Burrows (History) The New Deal in Puerto Rico: Public Works, Public Health, and the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration 1935–1955
Weikang Chen (Physics) Dynamics of Patchy Particles Behavior Near Interfaces
Marci Clark (Art History) I. M. Pei, William Zeckendorf, and the Architecture of Urban Renewal: 1945–1970
Michela Cresci (Linguistics) The Sound Patterns of Camuno: An Evolutionary Phonology Account
Risa Cromer (Anthropology) Inconceivable: Frozen Embryo Futures in the United States
Maureen Daly (Psychology) Characterization of Somatosensory Processing in Relation to Schizotypal Traits in a Sample of Nonclinical Young Adults
Yury  Dziashko (Physics) Spectroscopy of Xe-Implanted Optical Center in Diamond
Nechama Eichorn (Speech–Language–Hearing Sciences) Dual Task Effects on Speech Production in Fluent and Stuttering Adults
Rachel Blanche Faulkner-Gurstein (Political Science) Getting Out of the Ghetto: Harm Reduction as Social Policy in New York
Kyle Francis (History) French Catholic Missionaries in Algeria, 1840–1920: Politics, Piety, and Education in a Multiethnic Imperial Setting
Saygun Gokariksel (Anthropology) Of Truths, Secrets, and Loyalties: Political Belonging and State Building in Postsocialist Poland
Daniel Harris (Philosophy) Act-Theoretic Semantics
Paul Holchak (English) Agency and Affect in Middle English Writing about Devotion
Timothy Johnson (History) Defending Terror: French Intellectuals and the Support of Algerian Terrorism, 1954–1962
Sarah Jordan (Psychology) Interviewing Suspects under Cognitive Load: The Moderating Effect of Suspects’ Working Memory Capacity
Lauren Kane (Psychology) Telework and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Underexplored Roles of Social Identity and Professional Isolation
Timothy Keogh (History) Suburbs in Black and White: Race, Suburban Labor Markets and the Fight for Jobs on Long Island, 1941–1980
Sana Khan (Biology) Elucidating Mechanisms Underlying Epicardial Development
Alan Koenig (Political Science) God Is Near: Apocalyptic Thought and the American Right
Ivana Krstovska-Guerrero (Psychology) A Foundation for Early Social Communication in Toddlers with Autism: Teaching Gaze Shifting with Eye Contact in the Context of Requesting and Joint Attention
Lauren Kryzak (Psychology) Long-Term Relationship Improvement Between Children with Autism and Their Typically Developing Siblings: Using Self-Management Strategies to Demonstrate Generalized Improvements in Reciprocal Interactions Between Siblings
Hangsoo Kyung (Business) The Regulation of Non-GAAP Disclosure: The Effect of New Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations by the SEC in 2010
Eero Laine (Theatre) Professional Wrestling: Bodies, Class, and Corporate Performance
Rachel Liebert (Psychology) Psychic Policing? Assemblages of Security, Psychiatry, and Public Higher Education
Jennifer Little (English) Affect and Emotional Community in Late Medieval Poetry of Fin’Amors
Bernadette Ludwig (Sociology) America Is Not the Heaven We Dream Of: Liberian Refugees in Staten Island, New York
Mateusz Marianski (Chemistry) Hydration of Protein Secondary Structure: Density Functional Theory Study
Kiran Mascarenhas (English) Representations of Children in Victorian and Postcolonial Fiction Set in India
Allison McGovern (Anthropology) Disrupting the Narrative: Land, Labor and Loss for the Montaukett of Eastern Long Island
John McLaughlin (Biology) Small RNAs Regulate Axis Patterning in Drosophila Melanogaster
Victor Meirino Guede (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages) English–Spanish Bilingualism and the New Educational Policy in Spain
Vasiliki Mitsou (Computer Science) Computational Complexity of Combinatorial Games and Puzzles
Daniel Palmer (Art History) The Integration of Art, Architecture, and Identity: Alfred Kastner, Louis Kahn, and Ben Shahn at the Jersey Homesteads
Duygu Parmaksizoglu (Anthropology) Stakeholders in an Uncertain Future: Urban Redevelopment in Istanbul
Ana-Laila Pedro-Mosak (French) Paris and Havana: A Century of Mutual Influence
Anthony Perillo (Psychology) Risk Assessment of Sexually Abusive Clergy: Utility of Risk Instruments with a Unique Offender Subgroup
Alison Powell (English) Play Anxiety and Ethical Sensibility in the Romantic Poets
Tudor Protopopescu (Philosophy) A Bi-Modal Analysis of Knowability and Verificationism
Adriana Renero Castillo (Philosophy) A New Model of Introspection: Anti-Reductionism and the Nature of Introspection
Nicholas Robbins (Political Science) Civilization of the Living Dead: Critiquing American Subjectivity through the Romero Zombie
Stephen Ruszczyk (Sociology) Living Between the Lines: How Do Governance and Citizenship Structure the Sociologyial Life of Undocumented Youth in New York and Paris?
Sara Rutkowski (English) The Literary Legacy of the Federal Writers’ Project: How a Program That Sought America Helped Americans Find Themselves
Samuel Sadow (Art History) Provisional Capital: National and Urban Identity in the Architecture and Planning of Bonn, 1949–Present
Britany Salsbury (Art History) The Print Portfolio and the Bourgeoisie in Fin-de-Si├Ęcle Paris
David Sclar (History) “He Will Bloom Like a Cedar in Lebanon”: Heresy and Heroism in the Legacy of Moses Hayyim Luzzatto
Hyoungsuk Shim (Economics) Principal Versus Agent: Modeling the Market Operation Mechanism of the New York City Taxicab Industry
Yuko Shiratori (Anthropology) Construction of Power at Central Peten during the Contact Period
Jessica Sperling Smokoski (Sociology) Social Context and Perceived Belonging: A Comparative Study of Children of Immigrants in New York and Madrid
Alyson Spurgas (Sociology) Circuits of Desire: Neuroimaging, Evolutionary Femininity, and Therapeutic Learning
Amy Starecheski (Anthropology) The New Politics of Property: Debt, Homeownership, and Squatting in New York City
Alan Sumler (Classics) Who Stole the Daedalean Statue? Mythographic Humor in Ancient Greek Comedy
Yunus Dogan Telliel (Anthropology) What is the Language of Islam? Intelligibility, Translatability, and Muslim Reformism in Turkey
Ana Maria Vinea (Anthropology) “Mental Disorders” in Contemporary Egypt: Between Psychiatry and Quranic Healing
Chu-Chiun Wei (Art History) Globalism and Identity in Taiwanese Contemporary Art, 1978–2009
Shaena Weitz (Music) Le Pianiste, Topics of Community and Style in Parisian Music Journalism, 1833–35
Jonah Westerman (Art History) Standard Deviations: Reality, Reproducibility, and Politics in Performance Art since 1989
Ashley Williard (French) Gendering Islands: Taxonomies of Race and Class in the Seventeenth-Century French Caribbean
Catherine Young (Theatre) Animal Vaudevillians and American Identity
Levy Center for Biography Dissertation Fellowship
Adrian Izquierdo (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages) Translating History, Translating Lives: Pierre Matthieu and the Translation of Political Biography in Seventeenth-Century Spain
Anna Simonson (History) Constructing a Usable Past: Katharine Susan Anthony, Mary Ritter Beard, Alma Lutz, and the Feminist Production of Historical Memory, 1920–1963
MAGNET Dissertation Fellowship
Paula Austin (History) Narratives of Black Interiority: Everyday Lives in the Nation’s Capital, 1919–1940
Elena FitzPatrick (Art History) Disseminating Devotion: The Image and Cult of the Black Christ in Colonial Mexico and Central America
Edwin Mayorga (Urban Education) Educational Policies and East Harlem Latinos in the Current Racial Political Economy
Martin E. Segal Dissertation Fellowship
Whitney Thompson (Art History) Foreign-Born Artists Making “American” Pictures: The Immigrant Experience and the Art of the United States, 1819–1893
Mellon Dissertation Fellowship
Lindsay Caplan (Art History) Open Works: Between the Programmed and the Free, Art in Italy 1962 to 1972
Nadia Perucic (Art History) From Fiction to Fact: The Need to Document in Post-Yugoslav Visual Art from 1991 to the Present
Ralph Bunche Dissertation Fellowship ($12,000)
Ian Jones (Political Science) A Turbulent Flow: Water and Policy and Space in Chile and Peru 1992–2012
Center for Place, Culture and Politics Dissertation Fellowship ($10,000)
Noelia Diaz (Comparative Literature) “An Aesthetics of Uncertainty”: Nation, Post-Nation, and Violent Representation in Four Pairs of Plays by Argentine and Irish Playwrights (1990–2003)
Jacob Lederman (Sociology) Turning to Culture in Times of Crisis: Traveling Paradigms of Urban Restructuring in Contemporary Buenos Aires
Stephen McFarland (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Class Room: Union Halls in the Making of the Twentieth-Century US Working Class
Keith Miyake (Earth and Environmental Sciences) A Biopolitics of Place: The Geographies of Environmental Impact Assessment and the Institutionalization of Environmental Justice
Preeti Sampat (Anthropology) Right to Land and the Rule of Law: The “Exceptional” Case of Special Economic Zones in India
Asaf Shamis (Political Science) Writing Revolutions: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx, Theodor Herzl and Modern European Print Culture
Doctoral Students’ Council Dissertation Award ($5,000)
Ann Dell’Aria (Art History) The Moving Image in Public Art: United States and United Kingdom, 1980–Present
Ryan Mann-Hamilton (Anthropology) What the Tides May Bring: Projects of Rule, State Machinations and Popular Dissent in Samana, Dominican Republic
Mariano Soley (Biology) Geographical Determinants of Mammal Species’ Distributions and Evolutionary Processes in Neotropical Mountains
Molly Welsh (Psychology) The Effects of Story Contexts on Complex Verb Learning in Third Grade Students
Dissertation Research Award ($2,000)
Timothy Wilson (French) Bringing Up Bebe Zappeur: Kids’ TV and Cultural Identity in France

Submitted on: APR 17, 2013

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