DPT Student Awards at Hunter College - Class of 2013

Ayers-Selman Founders Scholarship - Awarded in honor of Bob Ayers and Laurie Selman, founders of the Hunter College PT Program. Award based upon scholarship and professional activities as determined by the full-time physical therapy faculty:  Roland Alley

Edward Kechner Jr. Service Award - Named in memory of an alumnus. Awarded to a student with outstanding leadership and a strong commitment of service to the community, profession, and patient: Mila Grinberg

Scott Elderd Service Award - Named in memory of an alumnus. Awarded to a student displaying sincere concern for peers and the profession: Liz Opaka

New York Physical Therapy Association Student Participation Award - Awarded to a third-year student who demonstrates leadership and professional qualities, academic accomplishments, and initiative: Edie Lang

School of Health Sciences Service Award - Presented to program students who demonstrate exceptional service to their program, school, college, or the community: Vanessa Diamond

Hunter College Certificates of Achievement - Awarded to graduating students for academic excellence and extracurricular involvement in the physical therapy club activities and volunteering for program activities
Heather Mims
Shani Siegel
Christina Antonovich

School of Health Sciences James Felt Research Scholarship - Awarded for academic achievement & excellence
2010   Shani Siegel

School of Health Sciences Beatrice Konheim Scholarship
2010   Roland Alley
2011   Daniel Armstrong

Clinical Education Awards - Awarded for excellence during clinical internships.
Vanessa Diamond
Mila Grinberg
Laurie Heiner

All these award winners graduated on May 23, 2013.

Submitted on: JUL 8, 2013

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