DPT Student Awards at the College of Staten Island - Class of 2014

Highest Academic Honors 3.8 and Above: Amanda Asmar, Joseph Capogrosso, Natalia Gozias, Kerri M. McLean, Christina Scannapieco, and Kristin Nicole Thomas

Physical Therapy Department Award for Outstanding Service: Amanda Asmar, Stephen A. Ingrassia, Lindita Ismaili, Danielle M. Jordan, Leandra Manfredini, and Andy Zhu

Physical Therapy Faculty Award for Excellence: Amanda Asmar

Community Service Award presented by The Brooklyn-Staten Island District of the New York Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association: Lindita Ismaili

Sandra Frankel Memorial Award for Academic Excellence in Physical Therapy: Amanda Asmar and Kerri McLean

All these award winners graduated on June 3, 2014.

Submitted on: JUN 4, 2014

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