Four GC Students Win Fulbright Awards

Three Graduate Center doctoral students in Anthropology and one in Sociology were awarded 2018–2019 Fulbright Awards, which provide funding for research and travel abroad. The awards are sponsored by U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.
The recipients are:
Vaiva Aglinskas (Anthropology)
In the Shadow of Skyscrapers: Memory, Materiality and Modernity in Vilnius, Lithuania
Aglinskas’s project examines the spatial and social costs of urban development projects in Vilnius, Lithuania, focusing on struggles over the central district of Šnipiškės, where skyscrapers encroach on a neighborhood of old wooden homes.
Grace Cesario (Anthropology)
Archaeological Investigation of Wild Resource Use in Northern Iceland
Cesario will use zooarchaeology to investigate the changing use of wild animal resources over time on Hegranes in Skagafjörður, northern Iceland, and will explore social, political, and environmental factors as possible catalysts for change.
Kelsey Chatlosh (Anthropology)
Reproducing Black Pasts, Presents, and Futures in Chile
Chatlosh’s research examines how Afro-Chilean women activists’ articulations of belonging to the African diaspora and Chilean nation are a reflection of both the country’s unacknowledged racial formations and its patriarchal powers.
Jonathan Zisook (Sociology)
The Jewish Turn in Post-Communist Poland
Zisook’s dissertation examines the explosion of interest in Jewish culture and history in post-Communist Poland, relying upon qualitative interviews, participant observation, and archival materials.

Submitted on: MAY 8, 2018

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