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Rainer J. Hanshe (English) received an Honorable Mention in Suspect Thought’s 2006 QueerLit Literature Contest for his debut novel, The Acolytes, which is forthcoming from Eyecorner Press. He is now at work on his second novel, The Abdication. Among his articles or book chapters published recently or forthcoming are “Cruelty, Beauty, and the Tragic Art of Howard Barker: On the occasion of theatre minima and the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center’s Celebration,” Hyperion: On the Future of Aesthetics V:1 (Spring 2010); “Zarathustran Stillness: Dreaming and the Art of Incubation,” in a volume of essays edited by Horst Hutter and Keith Ansell-Pearson (Continuum Press, 2011); “Dionysian Logos: On Nietzsche’s Poetic Typology and the ‘Closing Melodies’ of The Gay Science, Zarathustra, and Beyond Good and Evil,” in Hungarian translation, Kalligram (2011); and “Nietzsche’s Synaesthetic Epistemology and the Restitution of the Holistic Human,” Nietzsche and the Becoming of Life, Vanessa Lemm and Miguel Vatter, eds. (Fordham University Press, 2011). His poem “The Muffled Lips of Apollo” appeared in Hyperion: On the Future of Aesthetics, V:1 (Spring 2010). Among other conference appearances, he was the keynote speaker at the 2nd International Nietzsche Symposium in Jyväskylä, Finland, in March 2010, and has been invited as a guest lecturer at the New University of Lisbon, Portugal, in March 2011. (posted 11-2010)

Submitted on: DEC 31, 2010

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