History: Student Honors, Awards, Publications, and Other Activities

Carla J. DuBose (History) won a 2008-09 MAGNET Dissertation Fellowships ($20,000 + in-state tuition) to support work on The ‘Silent’ Arrival: The Second Wave of the Great Migration, 1940-1954. (posted 5-08)

Ilan Ehrlich (History) won a 2008-09 Leon Levy Center Fellowship for Biography ($22,000) to support work on Eduardo Chibás Will Speak Tonight at 8PM: How a Charismatic Senator Transformed Cuban Politics and Committed Suicide. (posted 5-08)

David J. Fine (History) won a 2008-09 Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000 + in-state tuition) to support work on The Experience of Jewish Soldiers in the German Army in World War I. (posted 5-08)

Kate Hallgren (History) will publish “Maternalism Goes to War: Class, Nativism and Mothers’ Fight for Conscription in America’s First World War” in Women of the Right: Comparisons and Exchanges Across National Borders. (posted 3-2011). Hallgren won a 2008-09 Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. Dissertation Proposal Award in American History ($2,000) to support work on The Nation’s Mothers Raise the Army: Mothers’ Activism, Popular Culture and the Great War in America, 1914–28. (posted 5-08)

Jessica Hammerman (History) won a 2008-09 Randolph Braham Dissertation Fellowship ($10,000) to support work on The Heart of the Diaspora: French Jewry in Conflict During the Algerian War, 1954-1967. (posted 5-08)

Aleksandra Majstorac Kobiljski (History) won a 2008-09 Helaine Newstead Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000 + in-state tuition) to support work on Learning to be Modern: Missionary Universities and the Formation of Secular Modernity 1860–1920. (posted 5-08)

Sara Pursley
(History) won a 2008-09 Mellon Dissertation Fellowship/The Center for the Humanities ($18,000 + in-state tuition) to support work on “We Were Racing Against Time”: Gender, Nationalism and Development in Iraq, 1932–63. (posted 5-08)

Submitted on: DEC 31, 2008

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