Art History: Student Honors, Awards, Publications, and Other Activities

Margarita Aguilar (Art History), a vice-president at Christie’s, New York, published two articles in VEO, an Argentine magazine devoted to the arts and culture, and contributed to Christie’s International Magazine and Latin American Art sale catalogues. (posted 10-08)

Thomas Beachdel (Art History) is a 2008–09 CUNY Writing Fellow at Hunter College. (posted 10-08)

Raffaele Bedarida (Art History) has taught at Brooklyn College (Graduate Teaching Fellow), MoMA (Lecturer), and the Guggenheim Museum (gallery educator).  Bedarida is co-editor, with Ruggero Montrasio, of Christo and Jeanne-Claude (Milan: Silvana Editoriale, 2007). (posted 10-08)

Kris Belden-Adams (Art History) published articles this year on the theory and history of photography in various journals: Spectator: The University of Southern California’s Critical Studies Journal of Film and Television Criticism, Review Magazine, Exposure: The Journal for the Society of Photographic Education, and Artnet. (posted 10-08)

Taína Caragol (Art History) won a 2007–08 postdoctoral fellowship from England's Art and Humanities Research Council to work as a researcher on the project Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art and the UK: History, Historiography, Specificity (LAUK), led by University of Essex. (posted 10-08)

Elizabeth Cronin (Art History) received a CUNY Writing Fellowship for the 2010–11 academic year. (posted 3-2011). Cronin, recipient of a Fulbright Grant to Austria for 2008-09, published “Lost Somewhere on the Mountain: Wilhelm Angerer and Austrian Heimat Photography,” History of Photography 32:3 (Autumn 2008). (posted 10-08)

Elizabeth DeRose (Art History) contributed the essay "Carroll Dunham: Restating Positions" to Carroll Dunham Prints: Catalogue Raisonne, 1984–2006 (Addison Gallery of American Art and Yale University Press, 2008). (posted 10-08)

Roberto C. Ferrari (Art History) published Pierce (2007), a novel that was a finalist in the category of Men's Mystery for the 2007 Lambda Literary Awards. (posted 10-08)

Elena FitzPatrick (Art History) contributed entries to the Encyclopedia of South American Art (Facts on File Press, forthcoming). (posted 10-08)

Lucy Gallun (Art History), after spending several weeks in Berlin with a Doctoral Student Research Grant, began the Whitney Independent Study Program in September. (posted 10-08)

Karen Hellman (Art History) won a 2008-09 Sponsored Dissertation Fellowships ($18,000 + in-state tuition) to support her work on Antoine Claudet and the ‘Spaces’ of Photography, 1839–67. (posted 5-08)

Keith Jordan (Art History) published “Surrealist Visions of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and the Legacy of Colonialism: The Good, the (Revalued) Bad, and the Ugly,” Journal of Surrealism in the Americas (June 2008). (posted 10-08)

Lars Kokkonen (Art History) received a 2008–09 fellowship at the National Gallery. (posted 10-08)

Margaret Laster (Art History) was named the first Junior Fellow at the Center for the History of Collecting in America, Frick Art Reference Library, in Spring 2008. (posted 10-08)

Tetsuya Oshima (Art History) co-edited Poïétique of Painting (Nihon Bunkyo Shuppan, 2007) and translated a book into Japanese: Donald Wigal, Jackson Pollock (Nigen-sha, 2008). (posted 10-08)

Daniel Ricardo Quiles (Art History) won a 2008-09 Milton Brown Dissertation Fellowship ($16,000 + in-state tuition) and a MAGNET supplement ($4,000) to support work on Toward a Counterpublic Sphere: Argentine Conceptual Art, 1966–76. (posted 5-08)

Jennifer Tobias (Art History) published "In Search of the Sexy Librarian," Sexy Librarian: The Novel; and “Artists' Books as Indie Publishing" in Ellen Lupton's Indie Publishing: How to Design and Produce Your Own Book ( (posted 10-08)

Midori Yamamura (Art History), a 2007–08 Mellon Dissertation Fellow at the Center for the Humanities, published “Yayoi Kusama’s Early New York Years: A Critical Biography” in Making A Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York (The Japan Society and Yale University Press, 2007). (posted 10-08)

Hyewon Yi (Art History) won a 2008-09 Leon Levy Center Fellowship for Biography ($22,000) to support work on "Photographer as Participant Observer: The Photographs of Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Richard Billingham, and Nobuyoshi Araki." (posted 5-08)

Submitted on: DEC 31, 2008

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