Political Science: Student Honors, Awards, Publications, and Other Activities

Nirit Ben-Ari (Political Science) won a 2008-09 Ford Foundation Research Award ($2.000) to support work on And Who Would Know if Abraham Was Not a Black Man? Hip-Hop Culture and the Discourse of Blackness in Israel. (posted 5-08)

Jennifer Hopper (Political Science) won a 2008-09 Mario Capelloni Dissertation Fellowship ($20,000 + in-state tuition) to support work on Conflicting Stories: The Presidency and the Media in Framing Crises. (posted 5-08)

Utku Sezgin (Political Science) was awarded second prize in the graduate category in the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) essay contest, Changing Demographics: Migration Flow From and To Germany. His essay, "Going beyond Culture and Assimilating Immigrants: The Conversation that Germany Needs," was judged by an international panel of jurors (see www.daad.org/?p=essay. (posted 5-08)

Yu-Sung Su (Political Science) won a 2008-09 David Spitz Dissertation Fellowship ($16,000 + in-state tuition) to support work on Remittances and Political Liberalization. (posted 5-08)

Sami Zeidan (Political Science) won a 2008-09 Athena Pollis Fellowship in Human Rights/Ph.D. Program in Political Science ($10,000) to support work on Navigating International Rights and Local Politics: Sexuality Governance in a Post-colonial Setting (Lebanon). (posted 5-08)

Submitted on: DEC 31, 2008

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