Psychology: Student Honors, Awards, Publications, and Other Activities

Zachary (Zak) Aidala (Psychology/Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience), who is working on the behavioral and physiological aspects of avian parasite/host interactions, coauthored with Mark E. Hauber (Assoc. Prof., Hunter, Biology, Psychology) “Avian Egg Coloration and Visual Ecology,” Nature Education Knowledge 1(9):4. The open-access informative article was peer reviewed and written for a general audience, in accordance with the program’s outreach effort to popularize scientific progress from the field and the laboratory for those outside academia. See library/avian-egg-coloration-and-visual-ecology-14725044. (posted 11-2010)

Shea Alvarez (Forensic Psychology) won the Michael Serafino Award for “Best Student Paper” from the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology. Presentations were judged on the quality of the student’s scholarship, contribution to the fields of criminal justice and psychology, and the value of the overall presentation to the Society’s annual conference. Alvarez received a $250 honorarium and certificate and presented her work at the 2009 conference. The Society for Police and Criminal Psychology is a professional organization that encourages the scientific study of police and criminal psychology and the application of scientific knowledge to problems in criminal justice. (posted 1-2010)

Michelle Culang (Psychology) along with Joel Sneed (Asst. Prof., Queens, Psychology), had a research presentation highlighted on DocGuide, a Web site that provides medical and pharmacological news. She presented her work at the annual American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry meeting in March in Savannah, GA. (posted 7-2010)

Tarika Daftary-Kapur (Psychology) won first place in the American Psychology-Law Society’s 2009–2010 dissertation competition for her work, “The effects of pre- and post-venire publicity on juror decision-making.” She is in the forensic psychology subprogram based at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Gianni Pirelli (Psychology) won second place in the competition for his work, “A meta-analytic review of competency to stand trial research.” He is also in the forensic psychology subprogram. (posted 7-2010)

Peryl Grossman (Psychology) will present, along with Claudia Brumbaugh (Asst. Prof., Queens, Psychology), a poster at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in January 2011. The title of the poster is “9:30PM in San Antonio, 9:30AM in Bangkok: How Attachment and Culture Interactively Affect Emotional Skills.” They will also present a poster titled “The Association between Dysfunction in Affective Processing and Attachment Patterns in Adults” at the International Neuropsychological Society in February 2011. (posted 12-2010)

Svetlana Jovic (Developmental Psychology) has been awarded a scholarship in Open Society’s Global Supplementary Grant Program. This award will supplement her GC funding and involve her in several international scholarly activities. (posted 9-2010)

Dora Kanellopoulos (Psychology) was given the Junior Investigator Award by the International College of Geriatric Psychoneuropharmacology (IGCP). The award is given to early-career individuals who have made a commitment to the field of geriatric psychoneuropharmacology and have research or clinical experience in the field. The IGCP, a multidisciplinary association, includes clinicians and researchers with an interest in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders related to aging. (posted 12-2010)

Gianni Pirelli (Psychology/Forensic) won second place in the American Psychology-Law Society's 2009–10 dissertation competition for his work, "A meta-analytic review of competency to stand trial research." (posted 9-2010)



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