Criminal Justice: Student Honors, Awards, Publications, and Other Activities

Kendra Gentry & Leonid Lantsman (Criminal Justice) are winners for travel awards from John Jay College of Criminal Justice to attend the International Symposium on Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis (ECCA) to be held in Stavern, Norway in June 2012. (posted 2-2012)

Marc Balcells
(Criminal Justice) was awarded a full scholarship to attend the Association for Research into Crimes against Art International Art Crime Studies Master’s Program this summer in Umbria, Italy. This is the first postgraduate program to specialize in the study of art crime and cultural property protection. The program provides in-depth, master’s-level instruction in a wide variety of theoretical and practical elements of art crime: its history, its nature, its impact, and what can be done to curb it. (posted 3-2011)

Kevin Barnes-Ceeney (Criminal Justice) was selected for the 2011 European Association for Research on Adolescence and the Society for Research on Adolescence International Summer School, funded by the Jacobs Foundation. Kevin will spend the summer in Tucson, Arizona, with other junior scholars and senior researchers in an intense examination of cutting-edge research on adolescence. (posted 3-2011)

Sally Lam (Criminal Justice) won a 2010 dissertation award from the Rutgers University Center for Behavioral Health Services and Criminal Justice Research for “A Meta-Analysis of the Predictors of Violence among Adults with Mental Disorders.” (posted 3-2011)

Submitted on: FEB 27, 2012

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