2011-12 Dissertation Awards

Louise Lennihan, associate provost for humanities and social sciences, has announced the results of the GC’s dissertation fellowship competition for the 2011–12 academic year. A record high of 253 proposals resulted in an extraordinary competition; faculty members serving on the review panels noted the overall superior quality. Listed below are the 49 winners, their doctoral programs, awards, award amounts, and dissertation topics.

Linell Ajello (Theatre), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Tragic Practice: Participatory Democracy and Activist Theatre in the U.S., 2004–2010.”
Sari Altschuler (English), Altman Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “National Physiology: Literature, Medicine, and the Invention of the American Body, 1789–1860.”
Alessandro Massimo Angelini (Anthropology), Athena Pollis Fellowship ($18,000), “Model Favela: Youth and Second Nature in Rio de Janeiro.”
Jamie Aroosi (Political Science), Capelloni Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “The Dialectic of Faith and Politics: Karl Marx’s Faith and Soren Kierkegaard’s Politics.”
Katherine Broad (English), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Mothers, Lovers, Wives: The Persistence of the Romance Plot in Contemporary Utopian Fiction.”
Chelsea Bruner (Art History), Martin E. Segal Dissertation Award ($18,000), “The Seventh Regiment Armory and Aesthetic Movement Interiors.”
Samuel Byrd (Anthropology), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “El Sueno Gris: Making Music in Latino Charlotte.”
Jessica Wells Cantiello
(English), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “From Confessions to the Inspirational True Story: The American Teacher Memoir.”
Robert Davis (Theatre), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Performance and Spectatorship in United States World’s Fairs, 1876–1893.”
Jason Douglas (Environmental Psychology), MAGNET Dissertation Fellowship ($20,000), “In the Cockpit: The Political Ecology of Environmental Protection in Jamaica.”
Viveca Erlandsson (Mathematics), Mina Rees Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “On the Geometry of the Margulis Region.”
YiGang Fang (Chemistry), Mina Rees Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Probing Reaction Dynamics in Complex Gas-Phase Systems Using Guided-Ion-Beam Scattering and Computational Methods.”
Virginia Fineran
(Forensic Psychology), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Multimodal Emotion Perception in Borderline Personality Disorder.”
John Brian Freeman (History), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “National Mechanics: Mexico and the Technological Imagination, 1920–1940.”
Jeremy George (Art History), Doctoral Students’ Council Award ($5,000), “The Cultural Poetics of Inka Spatial Practice.”
Stephanie Gonzalez (History), MAGNET Dissertation Fellowship ($20,000), “Professional Vaccinators and the Public in Colonial Cuba.”
Lindsay Green-Barber
(Political Science), Ralph Bunche Dissertation Fellowship ($12,000), “Information and Communications Technologies and Social Movements in Ecuador: The Case of Indigenous Peoples.”
Thomas Hafer
(History), Leon Levy Center for Biography ($22,000), “From Bohemian to Gay: Art, Sexuality, and Identity in New York, 1930–1975.”
David Jancsics (Sociology), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Corruption Everywhere? An Eastern European Case.”
Rowena Kennedy-Epstein (English), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “From the Missing Narrative: Experimental Forms and Radical Histories in Women’s 20th-Century Documentaries.”
Michele Kettner
(Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “The Transnational Latin American Regionalism of Mario Vargas Llosa and Milton Hatoum.”
Adele Kudish (Comparative Literature), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “As Well Known as Disguised: The Analytical Novel in England and France, 1678–1827.”
Rachel Lambert (Urban Education), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Authoring a Mathematical Self: Processes of Identification with Mathematics for Young People in Urban Schools.”
James Lendemer (Biology), Doctoral Students’ Council Award ($5,000), “Resolution of the Lichen Genus Lepraria s.1.: Implementation of a Novel Approach to Document and Describe the Biodiversity of Taxonomically Neglected Sterile Crustose Lichens.”
Laura Limonic (Sociology), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Ethnic Options? Latin American Jewish Immigrants in the New York Area.”
Eduardo Lopez-Dabdoub (Music), Doctoral Students’ Council Award ($5,000), “The Music of Charles Mingus: Compositional Approach, Style, and the Performance of Race and Politics in the ‘Sweet Land of Slavery.’”
Luka Lucic (Developmental Psychology), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “How Do Youth Make-Sense of Interpersonal Interactions and Resolve Conflicts with Diverse Groups?”
Patrick McGarraugh (Chemistry), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Organocatalysis: An Environmentally Friendly Method for the Syntheses of Medicinal Compounds.”
Renee McGarry (Art History), Altman Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Flora and Fauna in Mexica (Aztec) Visual Culture.”
Jennifer Mitchell (English), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Everyday Masochisms: Charlotte Bronte, George Moore, D. H. Lawrence, and Jean Rhys.”
Nada Moumtaz (Anthropology), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Between Virtue and Law: Charity, Family, and Property in Modern Beirut.”
Ikuyo Nakagawa (Art History), Leon Levy Center for Biography ($22,000), “Negotiating Boundaries: Nationalism and Internationalism in the Art of Tsuguhara Foujita (1886–1968).”
Shoshana Neuburger (Computer Science), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Small-Space Dictionary Matching.”
Jordan Pascoe (Philosophy), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Cosmopolitanism and Colonialism: Kant on Marriage, Family, and Race.”
Zachary Samalin (English), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “The Masses Are Revolting: The Aesthetics of Disgust in the Late 19th Century British Novel.”
Edward Sammons (Anthropology), Mellon Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000), “Emancipation Day Music and Neoliberalism in Rural Jamaica.”
Jesse Schwartz (English), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Genetic Revolutionaries: American Socialism, the Russian Revolution, and the Production of the Radical Immigrant, 1873–1929.”
Ji Young Shim (Linguistics), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Deriving Word Order in Code-Switching.”
Jessica Sperling Smokoski (Sociology), Ford Foundation Award ($2,000), “Social Context and Perceived Membership: A Comparative Study of Latin Americans in New York and Madrid.”
Nichole Stanford (English), Ford Foundation Award ($2,000), “‘Mais, You Smart!’ Manufacturing Error in Cajun Louisiana.”
Patricia Ann Stapleton (Political Science), European Union Studies Center Dissertation Fellowship ($8,000), “Biotechnology in the European Union: French Resistance to GMOs.”
R. Sophie Statzel (Anthropology), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “The Political Ethics of Intimacy in American Evangelicalism.”
Dorothy Staub (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages), Frances Degen Horowitz Travel Award ($2,000), “Language of the Empire or Endangered Language? Language Ideological Discourses Surrounding Quechua in Cuzco Today.”
Jonathan Stillo (Anthropology), Randolph Braham Dissertation Fellowship ($10,000), “‘Magic Mountains’ in Romania: Citizenship, Poverty and the New Role of Tuberculosis Sanatoria.”
Sarah Trouslard (Music/Ethnomusicology), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Music of Occitanie: Southern French Regionalism in the Twenty-First Century.”
Kallen Tsikalas (Educational Psychology), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Effects of Varying Levels of Virtual Peer-Influence and Modeling of Question-Generation on Early Adolescents’ Reading Comprehension and Motivation.”
Kitching Rhonda Wong (Social Welfare), Doctoral Students’ Council Award ($5,000), “The Experiences of Families with American-Born Chinese Babies Returned to Their Families’ Home in China.”
Yan Yu (Speech–Language–Hearing Sciences), Mina Rees Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Neurophysiological Indices of Mandarin-Lexical Tone Processing: Effect of Language Experience and Memory Load.”
Bo Zhang (Business), Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship ($18,000), “Does Performance Measure Choice Drive Investment Strategy?”

Submitted on: SEP 13, 2011

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