Nursing Science: Student Honors, Awards, Publications, and Other Activities

Nancy Kavanagh Manister (Nursing Science) was the recipient of the Patricia Chadwick award at the Neuman Systems Model conference in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on June 10. This award recognizes a novice nurse researcher using the Neuman Systems Model in research and is awarded once every two years. Manister is currently researching obesity and teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. (posted 9-2011)

Mirian Zavala (Nursing Science), a practicing nurse and university clinical professor, received a grant from the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence, an organization that advances nursing at the doctoral level through grant-making and programs that support nurse recruitment and retention. Jonas Nursing Scholars, who must complete a doctoral degree in four years, each receive funding of up to $70,000 per year for tuition and cost of living. Ms. Zavala is currently collecting data for her dissertation, titled “The Lived-Experience of Single Hispanic Women Raising Their Children in a Community Identified as Violent.” Zavala also works closely with the federal government and Congress to improve the health of Hispanic populations. She is an active member of the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA), serving as chair of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses Policy Committee. (posted 9-2011)

Submitted on: SEP 20, 2011

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