Business: Student Honors, Awards, Publications, and Other Activities

Mariana Carnevale (Business), along with two others, presented “How Spelling a Brand Name Company Correctly Can Lead to Better Memory” at the 2011 Society for Consumer Psychology Conference. (posted 10-2011)

Guido Lang
(Business) coauthored, with Professor Stanislav Mamonov and Karl Reiner Lang (Prof., Baruch, Business), “Netnography: An Assessment of a Novel Research Approach and Its Underlying Philosophical Assumptions,” in the forthcoming book Online Research Methods in Urban and Planning Studies. (posted 10-2011)

Hakyin Lee
(Business) will present, at the AAA Annual Meeting, “Causes and Consequences of Abnormally Long Audit Reporting Lags,” a paper coauthored by Douglas R. Carmichael (Eli and Claire Mason Prof. of Accountancy, Baruch, Business) and Aloke Ghosh (Prof., Baruch, Business). (posted 10-2011)

Guangzhong Li (Business) coauthored two papers: with Armen Hovakimian (Assoc. Prof., Baruch, Business, Economics), “In Search of Conclusive Evidence: How to Test for Adjustment to Target Capital Structure,” Journal of Corporate Finance; and, with Linda Allen (Prof., Baruch, Business), “Clawbacks and Cronyism: Evidence from China,” forthcoming in Financial Management. The two papers were presented at the 2010 Financial Management Conference. (posted 10-2011)

Adriana Madzharov (Business), along with Lauren Block (Prof., Baruch, Business), published “Effects of Product Unit Image on Consumption of Snack Foods,” Journal of Consumer Psychology. (posted 10-2011)

Tamilla Maylanova (Business) presented “Website Signal Perceptions and Seller Quality Identification” at the 17th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS). The presentation was coauthored with Marios Koufaris (Assoc. Prof., Baruch, Business) and Professor Raquel Benbunan-Fich. Also coauthored with Professor Benbunan-Fich was “The Effect of Website Signal Perceptions on the Digital Natives’ Purchase Intentions: Empirical Investigation,” presented at the IS One World 2011 Proceedings. (posted 10-2011)

Chrissy Mitakakis (Business) made two presentations at the 2011 Marketing and Public Policy Conference. The first, “The Purell Effect: Cleansing through Mere Touch,” was given with Lauren Block (Prof., Baruch, Business). The second, “Consumers’ Commitment to Spend,” was presented with Professors Keith Wilcox and Block. (posted 10-2011)

Jangwon Suh (Business) presented “The Economic Consequences of Eliminating the Reconciliation of IFRS to U.S. GAAP: An Information Transfer Analysis” at the AAA Annual Meeting in August. The paper was coauthored by Donal Byard (Assoc. Prof., Baruch, Business) and Professor Shamin Mashruwala. (posted 10-2011)

Bo Zhang (Business) was awarded a Graduate Center Dissertation Fellowship for the 2010–2011 academic year. (posted 10-2011)

Submitted on: OCT 14, 2011

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