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Nancy Lopez (Ph.D., 1999), now associate professor at the University of New Mexico, was awarded the Dominican Educators of Excellence in Higher Education Award for 2009. The award is granted by the Dominican Studies Association/AsociaciĆ³n de Estudios Dominicanos and includes an invitation to “spend a week in the Dominican Republic to meet with educators from several schools/universities with exemplary educational models, prominent people from civil society, and representatives from the Dominican Government."

Jan Yager (the former Jan Barkas, Sociology, 1983) was interviewed on CBS News' Sunday Morning show on November 2nd related to her book, Friendshifts: The Power of Friendship and How it Shapes Our Lives. The 6th foreign edition of Friendshifts is going to be a Korean translation. Her book, When Friendship Hurts, was recommended in the Dear Amy column in The Chicago Tribune and is being translated into twelve foreign languages. For more information, visit Jan's websites: or

Okyun Kwon (Ph.D., 2000) was recently appointed a senior researcher for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. His book, Buddhist and Protestant Korean Immigrants, was published by LFB Scholarly Publishing.

Recent alum Chris Grov's dissertation, “(Re)defining (Ab)normal: Sexual Compulsivity among Men who have Sex with Men," was selected for an honorable mention of the Paul Monette-Roger Horwitz Dissertation Prize. This award is given for the best dissertation in LGTBQ studies (broadly defined) by a Ph.D. candidate within the City University of New York system.

Submitted on: JAN 1, 2009

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