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Dear Friends,
We are a group of Graduate Center faculty, staff, and alumni who have come together to create a society that will honor people who intend to make gifts that secure the future of the Graduate Center—bequests and other kinds of planned gifts. Over the years, the Graduate Center has received legacy gifts, sometimes expected and often unexpected. We are establishing a formal way of thanking people for their good intentions and facilitating their continued involvement with the Graduate Center.
Mina ReesWe are calling this initiative the Mina Rees Society after the Graduate Center’s first president Mina S. Rees (Founding Dean, 1961–68; Provost, 1968–69; President, 1969–72). She created a legacy in more ways than one, establishing the foundation for an extraordinary institution of doctoral study and advanced research, and making a bequest that supported her vision for the future. Becoming a member of the Mina Rees Society means following in her footsteps in our own way and carrying forward our vision for the Graduate Center.
We hope that you will consider joining us as one of the founding members of the Mina Rees Society . In so doing you can help ensure that the Mina Rees Society is an important part of the Graduate Center community.
It is easy to join. We hope you will become a member and join us for special gatherings that celebrate our common ties to the Graduate Center and our investment in its future.
With warmest regards,

Bruce E. Altschuler
Margaret Bridget Betz
Marvin Carlson    
Run-Rong Chen
Rosamond W. Dana
Miriam Gisolfi D’Aponte*    
Cathy N. Davidson and Ken Wissoker
Barry Disman*
Deborah Donato
Keville Fredrickson    
Martin Gitterman
Susan and Robert Halpern*
Elizabeth de G. R. Hansen
Alice B. Kornblith
William Kornblum*

Rose-Carol Washton Long*
Kishore Marathe
Michael Marcus
Marilyn Marzolf*
Louise A. Mayo
Judith Milhous
Jane Ross Moore
Rohit Parikh*
Jeanine Plottel*
Esther Rose MD
Gail Smith*
Carol Tittle
Caroline Urvater*
Alan Wallis
Joseph Wittreich

As of 3/19/2019
*Steering Committee