Letter from President Robinson

Dear Friends,
Chase F. Robinson, PresidentIn 2013 when we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Graduate Center we were able to proudly look back at its history and at the remarkable strides it has made. We are the heirs of the inspired leadership of our first president, Mina Rees, who created the organizational structure through which we still thrive—an institution singularly focused on graduate education, able to draw on a huge reservoir of specialized faculty expertise, and with highly talented students from a wide variety of backgrounds.
That is why I am especially pleased to invite you to become a founding member of the Mina Rees Society and I salute the faculty, staff and alumni who came together to create it. Membership in the Mina Rees Society is a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of the Graduate Center and to help secure its future through legacy gifts. Fifty years hence we want to be as proud of the Graduate Center as we are today.
I look forward to welcoming you to the Graduate Center as a member of the Mina Rees Society.
With warmest regards,
Chase F. Robinson Signature
Chase F. Robinson