Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Doctoral Fellowship Fund

The Ph.D. Program in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences has various fellowships for doctoral students. These funds support students’ dissertation writing, conference presentations and other scholarly activities. The program also has a discretionary account that allows us to recruit strong candidates, hold events such as the Annual Alumni Event and our regular colloquiums.                                                                                                                                                                         
Contributions to these funds help us to continue providing an intellectually rich environment for our students and colleagues.                                                                                                              
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Discretionary Fund (acct. number 213933)

Professor Arthur J. Bronstein and Elsa Bronstein Fellowship for Excellence in Dissertation Writing in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences (acct. number 212731)

Moe and Hannah Bergman Scholarship for Conference Travel: The Moe and Hannah Bergman Award (acct. number 212731)

Martin Gitterman Excellence in Teaching Award: The Martin Gitterman Teaching Award (acct. number 212731)

Norma Rees Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence (acct. number 212731)

The Florence Award for outstanding women of color (acct. number 212731)

Thank you for supporting the Ph.D. Program in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences. 

Please make checks payable to The Graduate Center Foundation and write SLHS and the fund name/account number on the check “memo” line.

You are welcome, but not required, to print this page and mail with your contribution to:                                                                                                                     
The Graduate Center Foundation
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