Priority 1
1. Fostering and integrating communities of learning and research

The Graduate Center will facilitate interdisciplinary and innovative research by building, supporting, and integrating networks of diverse faculty and students within the Graduate Center, across the City University of New York (CUNY), in New York City, and around the world.

Priority 2
2. Building the theoretical and experimental sciences

The Graduate Center will strengthen its commitment to the sciences, building a scientific enterprise based on the talents of faculty and students whose work crosses disciplinary boundaries and whose energy sparks collaboration across campuses.

Priority 3
3. Advancing our public mission by increasing our impact

The Graduate Center will renew its public mission by expanding its range of degree and nondegree programs, improving pedagogical training and professionalization for students, and raising its institutional profile.

Priority 4
4. Diversifying our resources and building institutional resilience

The Graduate Center will more effectively engage a broader range of students, alumni, and donors, and increase its operational efficiency.