Continuing Education

Our non-degree and non-credit programs will strengthen your professional skills and broaden your knowledge.

Our non-degree and non-credit programs will strengthen your professional skills and broaden your knowledge.

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For those looking to find intellectual connection, skills-based learning, career development, or something altogether new, our offerings make it possible through different pathways in online and in-person modalities.

While some certificate programs expand upon degree programs, the Graduate Center offers a range of opportunities that fit your goals in pursuing knowledge and your lifestyle. Non-credit programs extend the life of the mind with programs like LP2: Lifelong Peer Learning Program and GothamEd. Others offer the opportunity to foster and enrich professional skills in the humanities.

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Certificate Programs

Certificate program offerings at the Graduate Center include those accomplished en-route to a degree. Others are standalone and open to external applicants who bring their professional and life experience to the classroom with the option of applying earned certificate credits to a degree.

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Non-Degree and Non-Credit Programs

The Graduate Center offers opportunities to the greater public to engage with the campus’s research and scholarship as well as the opportunities that CUNY offers across the system. The Office of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation develops new non-degree programs and works with internal partners to administratively manage longstanding marquee programs like the Language Reading Program and the Writers’ Institute.

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Certificate Programs

Data Science

Our advanced certificate in Data Science gives students the chance to excel in virtually every field — finance, social networks, urban planning, biomedicine, forensics, and policy, to name a few — the possibilities are endless.

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Interactive Technology and Pedagogy

The Certificate Program in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy is a three-course sequence that teaches students how to better use technology in their research and teaching.


Non-Degree and Non-Credit Programs

GothamEd: Online Courses in New York City History

GothamEd presents online courses in New York City history, designed to serve a range of backgrounds and purposes — from those who are generally interested and looking for a compact introduction, to avid buffs in search of a much deeper dive.

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Lifelong Peer Learning Program

The Lifelong Peer Learning Program (LP2) is based on a model of adult continuing education known as peer learning. Students from various backgrounds share the responsibility for designing, teaching, and participating in weekly noncredit study groups that mirror the content and structure of college courses.

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Language Reading Program

The mission of the Language Reading Program is to teach students from CUNY, other schools, and all walks of life to read texts in languages other than English, and to translate them into idiomatic English, so students can meet their graduate program language proficiency requirements and achieve their goals for personal or professional development.

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The Writers' Institute

The Writers' Institute introduces talented writers to New York’s finest and most prestigious editors. Ambition and creativity are the mainstays of our workshops. Our goal is to encourage students to find their own literary voice. With the rewarding guidance that a senior industry-insider offers, students will be able to explore the extraordinary range of possibilities offered by the print media world.

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