Registration For Courses FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Level I students must make an appointment to meet one-on-one with either the EO or Deputy EO for registration advising. The appointments are set up by the program. We will contact the student prior to the start of the registration period via a Doodle poll to set up registration advising appointments. This is usually done two weeks prior to the first day of registration.

When you are first admitted into the program, you will be informed of who your adviser will be for registration purposes until you have completed coursework. You will be assigned either the EO, Prof. Jennifer Ball, or Deputy EO, Prof. Katherine Manthorne.

As a level II student, you will either register for courses, or, if you have completed coursework (60 credits) and are preparing for Orals, you must register on record (ROR) with Weighted Instructional Units (WIUs). If you are advised to register for ROR, you must also register for WIUs. To be certified as a full-time student you must register for ROR and for 7 WIUs. To be certified as a half-time student, you must register for ROR and 6 WIUs. The class numbers for ROR and WIUs change every semester, and every semester the Registrar will send a list of class numbers to every matriculated student before the start of the registration period. The program will also send out the list of numbers.

You register for ART 90000 dissertation supervision with your adviser. Registering for ART 90000 is equivalent to full-time status. Please do not add WIUs! Prior to the beginning of registration, the program office will send you your dissertation adviser class number (or code). The class number will be different every semester. You can also look up the number on CUNYfirst.

The course number for independent study is ART 89700; dissertation supervision is ART 90000. Before registration begins, the program will send out a list of class numbers (or codes) for independent study courses and dissertation supervision by faculty.

Prior to the beginning of registration, ALL students have an advisement hold placed on their registration by the Registrar. It is released by the program office.

Levels I and II students must be advised by either the EO, Prof. Jennifer Ball or the Deputy EO, Prof. Katherine Manthorne before their advisement hold is released.

For Level III students, the dissertation progress report (DPR) must be received by the program office (your dissertation adviser must approve your registration on the DPR form) before the advisement hold is released. If the program does not receive your DPR we cannot release your advisement hold.

Students who receive Satisfactory Progress forms cannot register until the hold is cleared by the Office of Student Affairs. Usually, students get satisfactory progress forms for time limits, incompletes, or unsatisfactory progress. The form is sent directly to the student by the Registrar before the start of registration. The form clearly indicates what kind of hold(s) the student has.

Please note that the program office cannot release your advisement hold if your satisfactory progress hold has not been cleared by the Office of Student Affairs.

Besides advisement and satisfactory holds, a student may have a Bursar hold or a Library hold. To clear these holds please contact the respective offices: the Bursar at 212.817.7680 and the Library at 212.817.7040. Please do not contact the program office since we do not have authorization to release these holds.

Level III students will need to submit their dissertation progress report (DPR) to the program office. The office will submit your DPR along with your satisfactory progress form to the Office of Student Affairs. It is up to the VP of Student Affairs to release the satisfactory progress hold.

Levels I and II students should consult the program office.

Check the status of your holds on your CUNYfirst student summary account.

The class section is created by the Registrar for each course. For example, ART 87300 is the number assigned by the program, and the class section 58094 is created by the Registrar.

When you are advanced to candidacy, register for ART 90000, dissertation supervision, using the relevant class section for your adviser. Please see “I’m a level III student. How do I register?” above.

You register for ROR and WIUs. Please see “I’m a level II student. How do I register?” above.