Student Profiles

Prof. Cynthia Hahn with students Kris Racaniello and others in the treasury at the Abbey Church of Ste. Foy, Conques, France in the summer of 2020.

Find out more about our current doctoral students, their research interests, academic accomplishments, and professional careers, as well as dissertations in progress (and completed) below.

Student Profiles

Student headshot image for the Art History Program

Mia Curran

Level III

  • Art History

Peer Mentoring Fellow

  • Art History

Sonja E. Gandert

Level III

  • Art History

Admissions Committee Representative

  • Art History
Joseph Henry 2022

Joseph Henry

Level III

  • Art History

Admissions Committee Representative

  • Art History
Caroline House 2022

Caroline House

Level III

  • Art History

Exam and Curriculum Committee Representative

  • Art History
Hadley Newton 2022

Hadley Newton

Level II

  • Art History

Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council Representative

  • Art History
Jonathan Odden March 22

Jonathan Odden

Level II

  • Art History

Mina Rees Fellow

  • Library

Student Representative

  • Art History


Aukland-Peck, Tobah, “Mineral Landscapes: The Mine and British Modernism” (CUNY-Graduate Center, R. Golan)

Barrow, Theodore, “The Gilded Tropics: Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent in Florida: 1885-1917” (CUNY-Graduate Center, J. Sund)

Bellucci, Matteo, “Pietro Dura/Parchin Kari: Mediations between Florence and Mughal India” (M. Aitken)

Brooks, Blair, “Heinz Berggruen: Dealing and Collecting Modern Art in the Shadow of World War II” (CUNY-Graduate Center, E. Braun)

Bucarelli, Viviana, “Awe in Quietude: Transcendentalist Magic Realism” (CUNY-Graduate Center, E. Braun)

Cannizzo, Alicia, “Matter En Transir: The Transi Tomb and Theories of Matter in the Late Middle Ages” (CUNY-Graduate Center, C. Hahn)

Cardon, Alexandra, “Circa 1700: Royal Retreats, Academic Unrest, and the roots of Rococo” (CUNY-Graduate Center, J.

Crawford, Jack, “Flamboyant Abundance: Performing Queer Maximalism 1960-1990” (CUNY-Graduate Center, C. Bishop)

DeFeo, Janine, “Food, Eating, and the Social Body in American Art, 1962-1983” (CUNY-Graduate Center, S. Wilson)

Ficek, Agnieszka, “From Allegory to Revolution: The Inca Empire in the Eighteenth-Century French Imagination” (CUNY-Graduate Center, J. Sund)

Fletcher, Jessica, “A Municipal Modernity: Women, Architecture, and Public Health in Working Class New York, 1913-1950,” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Gutman)

Gandert, Sonja Elena, “La resolana: Chicano Artistic Imaginaries of Place, Race, and Activism in New Mexico and Texas, 1969–1985” (CUNY-Graduate Center, A. Indych-López)

Gill, Kirsten, “Expanded Frames on Black Freedom: Racial Imaginaries of Experimental Film and Video, 1965-80” (CUNY-Graduate Center, S. Wilson)

Gillaspie, Caroline, “Delicious Libations: Slavery and Environment in the Visual Culture of the Brazil-U.S. Coffee
Trade” (CUNY-Graduate Center, K. Manthorne)

Harakawa, Maya, “After the Renaissance: Art and Harlem in the 1960s” (CUNY-Graduate Center, S. Wilson)

Henry, Joseph, “Spiritualized Machines: Die Brücke, Expressionism, and Wilhelmine Capitalism” (Graduate Center, CUNY, R. Golan)

Huber, Stephanie, “Cultural Predicaments: Neorealism in The Netherlands 1927-45” (CUNY-Graduate Center, E. Braun)

Jojima, Tie, “Porn Art Movement, 1980–84: Body, Technology, and Subjectivity in Brazilian Art” (CUNY-Graduate Center, A. Indych-López)

Larson, Jessica, “Building Black Manhattan: Architecture and the Politics of Respectability, 1857-1914” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Gutman)

Lee, Chaeeun, “Whither Asia? Biology, Culture, and the Questions of Identity in Asian American Art, 1960s-1970s” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Hadler)

Liljegren, Dana, “L’art de la poubelle: Récupération and Politics of Trash in Senegalese Art, 1970-2010” (CUNY-Graduate Center, C. Bishop)

Lo, Siwin, “Derivations: Appropriating Abstraction before and after Pictures; 1965-2015 “(CUNY-Graduate Center, D. Joselit)

Lucca, Maria, “The Sienese Sculptural Renaissance: A Case Study of Cross-Cultural Exchange in Central Italy” (CUNY-Graduate Center, J. Saslow)

Nicholas, Sasha, “Portraiture and the Making of the Modern American Ar;st, 1918-1929” (CUNY-Graduate Center, K. Manthorne)

Pazian, Erika Nelson, "Visual Culture and the Forma;on of National Identity during the U.S.-Mexican War” (CUNY-Graduate Center, K. Manthorne)

Perry, Ana Cristina, “Raphael Montañez Ortiz and Affect as Institutional Critique from 1966-1972” (CUNY-Graduate Center, A. Indych-López)

Poindexter, Remi, “Exotic and Familiar: Constructing Martinique, 1763–1902” (CUNY-Graduate Center, J. Sund)

Pollack, Rebecca, “Contextualizing British Holocaust Memorials and Museums: Form, Content and Politics” (CUNY-Graduate Center, H. Senie)

Quinata, Maria, “Black Networks in Postcolonial Britain, 1966-1990” (CUNY-Graduate Center, S. Wilson)

Ramos, Horacio, “Performances of Race: The Making of an Experimental arte popular in Peru, 1979-1990” ((CUNY-Graduate Center, A. Indych-López)

Rudnick, Allison, “The Politics of Technique and the Art of the New Deal (1935-1943)” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Lobel)

Sarathy, Jennifer, “Expanded Cartographies: Postwar British Land Art 1966-79” (CUNY-Graduate Center, S. Wilson)

Sato, Analisa, “Half-Life: Postwar U.S. Fiber Art and the Bauhaus Legacy” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Hadler)

Shaskevich, Helena, “Specular Networks: Biopolitics & Feminist Video in 1970s America” (CUNY-Graduate Center, S. Wilson)

Small, Samantha, “Franz von Stuck, Painter Provocateur” (CUNY-Graduate Center, E. Braun)

Sparks, Kaegan, ”Mierle Laderman Ukeles and the Politics of Social Reproduction, 1969–Present” (CUNY-Graduate Center, S. Wilson)

Tomaszewski, Patryk Pawel, “Socialist Realism on Display: State-Sponsored Exhibitions of Art in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany, 1949-1959” (CUNY-Graduate Center, R. Golan)

Troiano, Vanessa S., “Susan Weil: Artistic Trailblazer,” (CUNY-Graduate Center, G. Levin)

Truxes, Anna, “Willem de Kooning and the Cinema,” (CUNY-Graduate Center, G. Levin)

Valle, Luisa, “The Beehive, the Favela, the Mangrove, and the Castle: Race and Modern Architecture in Rio de Janeiro, 1885 to 1945” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Gutman)

Verlaan, Saskia, “Disegno Aperto: Drawing in Italy, 1959-1979” (CUNY-Graduate Center, E. Braun)

Walkiewicz, Alice, “From the ‘Song of the Shirt’ to the Call to Organize: The Seamstress in Late-19th-Century Art in Europe and the United States” (CUNY-Graduate Center, J. Sund)

Wallace, Ian, “Compromised Values: Charlotte Posenenske, 1966–present." (CUNY-Graduate Center, D. Joselit)

Wyma, Chloe, “Labor and Pleasure in the Art of the Kirstein Circle, 1932-1956” (CUNY-Graduate Center, M. Lobel)

Aguilar, Margarita, “Traditions and Transformations in the Work of ADAL: Surrealism, El Sainete, and Spanglish” (CUNY-Graduate Center, K. Manthorne)

Bucilla, Drew, “Europ: Expanded Cinema, Projection and the Film Co-op in Western Europe, 1966-1979” (Harvard University, D. Joselit)

Campbell-LaFleur, Andrianna Tamara, “Norman Lewis: Linearity, Pedagogy and Poli;cs in his Abstract Expressionism,
1946-1964.” (Harvard University, D. Joselit)

Green, Christopher, “Northwest Coast Na;ve Art Beyond Revival, 1962-1992,”(Harvard University, D.Joselit)

Haines, Chelsea, “Staging the Modern, Building the Na;on: Israeli Exhibitions, 1948-1965” (CUNY-Graduate Center, R. Golan)

Hirsch, Elizabeth, “Inevitable Associations:’ Art, Institution, and Cultural Intersec;on in Los Angeles, 1973-1988” (Harvard University, D. Joselit)

McGraw, Eva, "Xanthus Smith: Marine Painting and Nationhood” (CUNY-Graduate Center, K. Manthorne)

Mowder, Meredith, “Art After Dark: Economies of Performance, New York City 1978-1988” (CUNY-Graduate Center, C. Bishop)

Park, Haeyun, “Electronic Esperanto: Trans-Pacific Development of Video Art, 1969-1991” (Harvard University D. Joselit)

Palmer, Daniel S., “The Integra;on of Art, Architecture, and Iden;ty: Alfred Kastner, Louis Kahn, and Ben Shahn at Jersey Homesteads” (Vanderbilt University, K. Murphy)

Farzin-Rad, Media, “The Art of Opacity: Guy de Cointet and 1970s Performance” (CUNY-Graduate Center, S. Wilson)

Slodounik, Aaron, “The Painter and His Poets: Paul Gauguin and Interartistic Exchange Nineteenth Century, Multimedia/Intermedia, Genders/Sexualities/Feminisms” (CUNY-Graduate Center, K. Manthorne)

Stutterheim, Sydney, “Accomplices in art: The Expansion of Authorship in the 1970s and 80s” (Harvard University, D. Joselit)

Wallace, Ian, “Compromised Values: Charlotte Posenenske, 1966-present” (Harvard University, D. Joselit)

Yi, Hyewon. 2013. “Photographer as Participant Observer: Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Richard Billingham, and Nobuyoshi Araki”