Curriculum and Degree Information

    Degree Requirements

    Each student is expected to satisfactorily complete:

    • 97 credit curriculum completed over a four-year period (effective for the cohort entering in Fall 2019)

    • First Examination (written examination administered between first and second semesters of year 2)

    • Internship practicum final examination

    • Second Examination (oral evaluation administered during the spring semester of year 3)

    • At least 1,820 clinical contact hours through at least 3 semesters of supervised internship (on-site) clinical practicum followed by 3 semesters of externship (off-site) clinical practicum followed by a full-time supervised 12-month Audiology residency (off-site)

    • Completion of a Capstone Project including a written paper and a poster presentation of the project.  Final projects can have a wide range (e.g.,research-based investigation in clinical or basic science areas, systematic review, retrospective studies, survey research, development of a reseach-based clinical protocol, outcomes assessment, normative studies, evaluation of current practice patterns, and meta analysis of data.) The Capstone project may or may not include human subjects.

    Upon graduation, each degree candidate qualifies to apply for New York State licensure and national certification. 

    Satisfactory Academic Progress

    An Au.D. student is deemed to be making satisfactory progress if he or she:  

    • has completed 44 credits and has passed the First Examination

    • has a grade point average of at least 3.00

    • has completed the degree in four years

    • has accumulated no more than two open grades (“INC,” “INP,” “NGR,” “ABS,” and “ABP”) 

    • has received a B or better in all sections of AUD 790 - Audiology Practicum and AUD 799 - Audiology Residency