The Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies is an interdisciplinary forum for scholars, policy makers, and civil society leaders working on contemporary issues in the Americas.

The Center is dedicated to promoting understanding and policy-oriented research concerning governability, human security and economic well-being of communities in the Western Hemisphere.

Founded in 1982 with the support of philanthropist Albert Bildner, the Center was re-inaugurated under the leadership of Mauricio Font in the 1999-2000 academic year. The non-partisan and multi-disciplinary center sponsors:

  • Public forums for dialogue, debate and sharing ideas via lectures, film series and expert panels
  • A community of scholarship through seminars and conferences, including a conference of over 100 presentations on the legacy of Alexander Von Humbolt and a ground-breaking conference on "Cuba Futures" in 2011
  • Special events with political leaders of the Americas, such as the one with president Lula of Brazil
  • Expert research through its publications, including an in-house book series with four existing titles and collaborative publications with major publishing houses

Support for the Center

Advisory Council

Lin Bildner
The Lin and Albert Bildner Foundation

Kenneth Erickson
Professor of Political Science
The Graduate Center and Hunter College, CUNY

Photo Credit: Latin America for Less/Flickr

Bolivian Indian; Photo Credit: Latin America for Less/Flickr


Our programs are made possible by the generous support from the following foundations:

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Eagle; Photo Credit: Matito/Flickr