Student and Alumni Highlights

Current Doctoral Students

See below for full alphabetical lists of current Biochemistry Ph.D. student cohorts, and browse individual student profiles to learn more about their research interests.

Alumni Outcomes

The Graduate Center's Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness makes data available on alumni through Tableau. For Biochemistry, data shows:

  • In recent years, an average of 10 doctoral degrees have been awarded annually. 
  • The current (as of Fall 2020) median time-to-degree is 6.3 years (by graduation year) and 6 years (by entering cohort).
  • Graduates (2003-2016) work primarily in the education (55.41%) and private industry (24.32) job sectors

Student and Alumni Accomplishments

Student Newsletter

Read the Biochemistry Student Accomplishment Newsletter to learn more about our current cohort, recent graduates and the latest awards and publications achieved by students in the program.

Alumni Dissertations

The doctoral dissertation is the culmination of the Ph.D. degree. Alumni dissertations are made publicly available for online review following their defense as a testament to the dedication and expertise of our graduates and to the range of topics for research and exploration within Biochemistry.