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Funding Sources for Current Students

Generously established by program alumni Dr. Murray L. Kaplan, this fund supports student travel to national and international research conferences. Such travel, which enables students to present their work to the broader research community, is an essential component of students' professional training.

The Graduate Center Offers a variety of financial awards, scholarships, grants, and employment opportunities to help current doctoral students finance their education and research.

Learn more about funding opportunities for current doctoral students »

Mentoring and Advising

Our students carry out their research under the mentorship of faculty members at any of our affiliated CUNY senior colleges and other affiliated institutions. Graduate Deputy Chairs at the CUNY campuses act as faculty representatives to the Biology Ph.D. Program and are available to assist students working there.

Student Teaching

One of the learning goals for students in the Biology Ph.D. program is the attainment of communication skills that prepare students to both present their research to professional audiences and to explain biology to non-scientists and students of science. To this end, one of the program requirements is that students teach a minimum of two semesters at the college-level (for example, a laboratory course in each of two semesters).

In order to prepare students for this teaching experience, the Program hosts a Teaching Workshop in the spring semester for first year students. Students also learn by example: attending at least one college-level science class representative of the courses Ph.D. students will teach. Most students fulfill the minimum teaching requirement in their second year in the Program.

Labs and Facilities

The Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) at the CUNY Graduate Center is a premier interdisciplinary research institute, purpose-built for scientific discovery and education that transcend traditional boundaries.

The ASRC is designed around its five dynamic research initiatives. Each occupying an entire floor, the initiatives bring together established scientists, ambitious early-career researchers, and students to collaborate on expansive new research yielding practical benefits for society. They pursue fundamental research leading to breakthrough discoveries that in turn influence technology, medicine, environmental management, and more.

Located on the campus of The City College of New York in Harlem, the striking, 200,000-square-foot ASRC building embodies a bold vision for the future of scientific innovation. At the center’s core is a worldclass facility designed to inspire a novel approach to the scientific method itself—one that links talented and ambitious scientists with hundreds of top researchers from the 25 campuses of The City University of New York (CUNY) as well as colleagues within and far beyond New York City.

Students have access to The Mina Rees Library at The Graduate Center as well as library facilities at each senior college, which maintain a wide selection of hard copy and electronic versions of science books and journals accessible to CUNY faculty and students.

GC Librarians also curate comprehensive research libguides for a variety of topics associated with doctoral and master's programs

View the Biology Research Guide »

The Science, Industry, and Business Library (SIBL) of the New York Public Library is also located within the same building as the Graduate Center. The SIBL research collection comprises 1.5 million volumes.

General Student Resources

Information and Downloads

These resources may be useful in planning and conducting your studies at the Graduate Center.

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