Budget Office

The Graduate Center Budget Office oversees an annual tax-levy operating budget in excess of $114 million. The office strives to plan and facilitate all its activities to fully achieve the goals and objectives outlined by senior management. We also provide analysis and information services to enhance decision-making, planning, and policy formation.

The Budget Office works closely with the Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance and other senior staff to provide collaborative leadership and analytical support in planning and organizing resource deployment for the sources and uses of funds in the Graduate Center. Our office also works with the Office of the President and the Provost's Office as well as stakeholder groups and advisory bodies such as the Budget Committee, the Council of Executive Officers, and the vice presidents. Additionally, we collaborate with CUNY’s University Budget Office on the annual tax-levy budgeting process and intersections with city, state, and Graduate Center operating budgets.

To explore the GC’s budget structure and process, access financial data and reports, or learn about departmental budget planning, visit our resources hub.

Our Team

Finney Joshua

Budget Director, Budget Office

Emily Liu

Budget Manager, Budget Office