Career Planning and Professional Development

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Contact Information

The Office of Career Planning & Professional Development (CP&PD) supports the Graduate Center’s (GC) students in exploring and understanding career paths and achieving their professional goals. We offer workshops and information sessions on the job search process in the academic, non-profit, government, and for-profit sectors; host networking events with alumni and potential employers; and help students to identify and apply their transferable skills.

In partnership with other GC offices and programs, we encourage students to develop a multidisciplinary skill set through their teaching, research, and service. Our goal is to foster choice and connection as students imagine their careers beyond their graduate training.

Our website features career resources for all members of the GC community, as well as for future employers seeking to hire current students or alumni for jobs and internships.

Career Planning and Professional Development Website

Additionally, our office sponsors a wide range of career services, including: