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Researchers and scholars at the Center for Advanced Study in Education (CASE) conduct basic and applied research with a focus on improving the quality of education both nationally and internationally. In addition to our work with schools and school systems, CASE serves as a forum for consideration of policy issues, as a center for interdisciplinary approaches to educational problems, and as a clearinghouse in areas of educational research and evaluation.

CASE scholars are engaged in all aspects of research, development and evaluation of various educational reform efforts, ranging from providing and evaluating teacher professional development, to instructional interventions, to large scale assessment activities. With nearly four decades of experience, CASE has demonstrated success in developing and evaluating educational innovations and reforms; using state-of-the-art quantitative analytics; and providing technical assistance in strategic planning to educational programs. CASE is also committed to developing and strengthening the connections among and between educational theory, research, evaluation, and communities of practice.