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The Center for Human Environments (CHE), a research center located at the The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, brings together psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, geographers, and public health experts whose research addresses the problems faced by people in their local neighborhoods, in their schools and institutions of higher education, in their cities, or in even broader national and international contexts. CHE research is oriented especially toward finding solutions to human-environment problems, and so its research typically engages with community-based groups and advocacy movements, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, or government agencies.

As a collective of social scientists with wide-ranging interests, CHE has found itself over the years conducting research over a diverse set of fields. Some of our Center's projects have focused on particular neighborhoods of New York City, but other projects have involved national-scale surveys and research, and several have produced assessments and investigations with an international scope. 

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CHE operates as a consortium of specialized research sub-groups that share administrative resources and often pool their expertise and contacts in developing research proposals or sponsoring events. These sub-groups are:

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Roger Hart

Professor, Psychology; Professor, Social Welfare; Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences; Director, Center for Human Environments

Jared Becker

Managing Director, Sociology