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The Center for Jewish Studies is committed to fostering research and special projects in the many disciplines comprising Jewish Studies. It aims to serve the numerous faculty scholars across The Graduate Center and entire CUNY system who are in the field of Jewish Studies or working in areas related to Jewish Studies by providing opportunities for communication, gatherings, and cooperative programs and projects. The Center for Jewish Studies sponsors publications, public lectures, teacher training seminars, research and oral history projects that explore a wide range of historical and contemporary Jewish issues. From time to time, the Center for Jewish Studies also hosts scholarly gatherings that are conducted in cooperation with national and international cultural and academic institutions.

The Center for Jewish Studies supports doctoral students engaged in studying Jewish history and civilization in various academic programs at the Graduate Center. It also offers limited fellowship assistance for doctoral student research and administers doctoral fellowships that are made possible by the Max and Marion Grill Scholarship Fund and the Goldie and David Blanksteen Fund.

The Center for Jewish Studies is home to the Institute for Sephardic Studies directed by Professor Emerita Jane Gerber and the Harold Proshansky Chair in Jewish Studies, held by Professor of Sociology Samuel Heilman.


The Rosenthal Institute, established by the late Professor Randolph Braham, pursued interrelated research, publications, and educational programs on the Holocaust. The Institute also coordinated occasional in-service courses for teachers, offered special as well as scheduled public lectures, videotaped survivor testimonies, sponsored a limited number of fellowships to young scholars, responded to public inquiries about Holocaust-related matters, and published monographs in its Holocaust Studies Series.

A gift of over 400 books on the Holocaust -- mostly personal narratives -- donated to the Institute have been merged into the circulating collection of the Mina Rees Library.


The Institute for Sephardic Studies is devoted to research, special projects and curriculum development on the civilization of the Jews of Spain and the Middle East.  It offers public lectures and teacher training workshops and encourages the study of the Sephardic experience in the doctoral programs at the Graduate Center. Its oral history collection explores the experience of Sephardic Jewish immigrants to the United States. Among its ongoing projects is the development of education modules to integrate the Sephardic experience in teaching Jewish History.

Director: Professor Jane S. Gerber
 Room Number: 5114.03
 Phone: 212-817-1946


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