The Center currently offers two types of awards to Graduate Center students: graduate assistantships and funds for travel/research.  Additionally, since 2021, the Center has provided archival research grants to students enrolled in a public history course offered by the Graduate Center's Ph.D. Program in History.  The course is on twentieth-century U.S. foundations, and the grants were possible through generous funding from the Rockefeller Archive Center.

To learn more about the awards, visit the Awards for Students and Scholars page.  Below is a list of current and past recipients of William Randolph Hearst Graduate Assistantships for Women and Minorities, Rockefeller Archive Center awards, and the Joan O. McCarthy Fund travel awards.  

William Randolph Hearst Graduate Assistantships for Women and Minorities (by academic year):

Seon Britton 2022-2023
Bradford Pelletier 2022-2023
Qasim Haq 2021
Ella Hester 2021
Sierra  Holt 2021
Lidia Hernández-Tapia 2020-2022
Varnica Arora 2019-2022
David O. Monda 2018-2019, Fall 2019
Katherine Entigar Spring 2018
Justin Taylor Spring 2018
Ky Woltering Fall 2017; Spring & Fall 2018
Jessica Mahlbacher Fall 2017
Manju Adikesavan Summer & Fall 2017
Anna Zhelnina Spring & Fall 2017; 2018-2019; Fall 2019
Julia R. Gruberg Spring 2017
Kelly Keller 2016-2017
Diana Moore 2016-2017
Hina Altaf 2016-2017

Wenjuan Zheng


Alisa Wade

Summer 2015

Trang Pham Kelly


Merrill Sovner


Gifty Abraham


Karen Keller


Glen Olson


Anne Marie Aubert


Miriam Intrator


Diane Auslander
Irit Bloch
Erin Mauer


Howard Caro-López
Cecilia Salvatierra
Christine Yaris


Stephanie Campos
Norma Jeanne Anderson
Janice Rollo
Christine Yaris


Meryem Senay Ataselim
Arielle Goldberg


Adriana Perez


Adrienne Lotson


Alejandro Quintana


Terese Anthony


Kristopher Burrell
Tevah Platt


Erica Ball


Elsa Davidson
John Gutiérrez


Dorothy M. Browne


Kathleen Gerard


Ariel Rosenblum


Caroline McKenzie


Rockefeller Archive Center award recipients (for the 20th-century U.S. Foundations course; by year):
Spring 2023
Uğur Akpinar (Ph.D. Program in History)
Yuliya Barcheuskaya (Ph.D. Program in History)
Elena Butuzova (M.A. dual degree program in History & Library Science, Queens College)
Jessica Georges (Ph.D. Program in History)
Marta Millar(Ph.D. Program in History)
Quinn Schoen  (Ph.D. Program in Art History)
Ray Self (Ph.D. Program in History) 

Spring 2022 
Danielle Bennett (Ph.D. Program in History)
Googie  Karrass (Ph.D. Program in Cultural Anthropology)
Jean McLaughlin (M.S. Program in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences)
Miryam de Jesus Nacimento Beltran (Ph.D. Program in Cultural Anthropology)
Bradford Pelletier  (Ph.D. Program in History)
Victoria Phillips   (M.A. Program in Biography and Memoir)
Evan Rothman   (Ph.D. Program in History)
Juliana Valente (Ph.D. Program in Anthropology)

Spring 2021
Miranda Brethour (Ph.D. Program in History)
Cathy Cabrera-Figueroa (Ph.D. Program in History)
Robert Cleary (M.A. Program in Liberal Studies-History & American Studies)
Rebecca Irvine (Ph.D. Program in History)
Brett Murphy (Ph.D. Program in Urban Education)
Lauren Rosenblum  (Ph.D. Program in Art History)
Joseph A. Torres-González (Ph.D. Program in Anthropology)

Joan O. McCarthy Fund travel awards recipients:
Irit Bloch, Ph.D Program in History
Arielle Goldberg, Ph.D. Program in Political Science
Wladyslaw Roczniak, Ph.D. Program in History
Lauren Rosenblum, Ph.D. Program in Art History
Bengi Sullu, Ph.D. Program in Environmental Psychology