Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program

Our International Fellows Program offers unparalleled networking opportunities through connections with alumni around the world. The 2022 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program will provide leadership training through seminars, meetings with community foundation leaders and other Third-sector practitioners, research, and the application of a comparative framework.

The program is geared to young professionals interested in strengthening community philanthropy through locally-funded grantmaking organizations that build the capacity of civil society organizations in their home regions. Emerging leaders at community foundations and similar place-based grantmaking institutions are especially encouraged to apply. This year's Fellows will be selected from abroad and from communities of color under-represented in the U.S. grantmaking sector.

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Fellows will be based at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York (CUNY) in midtown Manhattan, where they will attend seminars, explore the work of key agencies, and study a range of community philanthropy strategies and practices. Program participants will prepare a strategy paper and develop a professional e-presentation for dissemination.

The International Fellows Program is generously funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.  Additional support is provided by other foundations and institutions, as well as Friends of the Fellows and program alumni from around the globe.

About the 2022 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program

Program Details

Program dates: September 12 through November 18, 2022.  Participants are expected to attend on-site seminars (at the Graduate Center, CUNY in New York City) and other meetings three (3) to five (5) times per week during the full ten-week program.

Program focus: Community foundations, local grantmaking, and place-based giving practices around the globe. Additional trends and practices in philanthropy will be included to provide background and to address the research interests of all participating Fellows.

Program format: Drawing on seminars, readings, discussions with alumni mentors and other leaders in the field, and the Fellows' own experiences, each participant will produce a strategy paper and a professional e-presentation (Powerpoint or similar), with recommendations for the development, adaptation or expansion of community grantmaking or another approved topic. It is expected that these recommendations will consider the variety of experiences around the globe, and will reflect the particular political, social, economic and legal frameworks in the Fellows' home countries.

Eligibility to apply

Community philanthropy practitioners and decision-makers from around the globe, including the U.S.


  • Strong institutional base at a community foundation, place-based grantmaker or community philanthropy support organization; affiliation with other philanthropy sector institutions is also acceptable
  • Ability to implement research recommendations
  • Strong ability to read, write, conduct research and converse in English at a professional or post-graduate-level
  • College or university degree


Tuition is US$3,000 per fellow. Partial or full fellowships may be awarded to help offset program costs detailed further below.

Fellowship Awards

Due to the competitiveness of the program and limited funds, preference for awards that cover program costs, including tuition, program activities, and/or housing (room and board) is given to candidates who

  • are affiliated with community foundations or initiatives to support community philanthropy organizations and practice, and
  • submit proposals illustrating a clear interest in furthering the work of community foundations or strengthening grantmaking and the local culture of philanthropy.

Program participants are expected to cover and arrange for their own travel to and from New York.  (Note, however, that special arrangements may be made in the event that a selected Fellow is unable to fully cover such costs.)

Externally-funded program participants

Applicants affiliated with philanthropy sector institutions other than community foundations or initiatives to support community philanthropy organizations who submit a competitive proposal on current trends and practices in philanthropy will also be considered for participation in the program, on the basis of external financial support from individual or institutional sponsors.

All tuition-based and institutionally-supported appointments require approval by the selection committee. Fellows accepted on the basis of external funding must cover their housing costs in addition to tuition, medical insurance, local travel and administrative/program fees.