NYC Subway and Bus Data in GIS Format

In several blog posts this Spring and Summer, CUNY Mapping Service director Steve Romalewski described his effort to convert data provided by MTA regarding subway and bus routes, as well as other MTA data, to GIS format. The files are available for anyone to use.

NYC MTA 7-line subway extension (map)

The blog posts are:

Several commenters and others provided helpful feedback about our efforts:

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  • blog commentary;
  • tweet from Ride the City (the website for bike directions in New York and many other cities)
  • Nick Grossman of OpenPlans noted that the blog post is "spectacular in [its] level of detail and annotation". OpenPlans has been a leader in working with MTA to develop open data access policies and practices. Our ability to blog about MTA's data is a direct result of their work.
  • The GIS files were very helpful to Baruch College's Geospatial Librarian, and he blogged about the benefits here.