NYC Subway GIS update: Hudson Yards, 7 Line Extension

On September 13, 2015, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) opened its first new subway station in several decades: the Hudson Yards-34th St stop on the 7 line in Manhattan.

NYC MTA 7-line subway extension (map)

This was welcome news to straphangers, residents and workers in midtown Manhattan's far west side, and of course to the developers creating the new Hudson Yards residential/commercial/open space complex.  For a cartographer, it means updating old maps and GIS data sets.

Shortly after the subway station opened, the MTA posted a new GTFS data set with, among other updates, the new geometry representing the 7 line extension from Times Square to Hudson Yards west along 41st St and south parallel to 11th Ave.  The Center for Urban Research downloaded these files and updated its GIS layer of subway routes and subway stations, which you can download below.

Here’s the GIS subway data in shapefile format (zipped) [file currently offline].

If you use the data and layer file (which I hope you do), please let me know how it works out.  If you use the files, please reference the “Center for Urban Research at The Graduate Center, CUNY” especially if you use the layer symbology in any printed maps or online applications.  Thanks!

If you'd like more information on how we developed earlier versions of the subway routes and station locations in GIS format, please visit these blog posts: