Curriculum and Degree Information

All students entering the program are required to take a range of courses chosen to insure both a broad background in chemistry and a detailed knowledge of their chosen specialty. Students may specialize in one of seven sub-disciplines:  analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nanotechnology and materials science, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, and molecular biophysics.  The course requirements for each subdiscipline are slightly different, as detailed in the student handbook, but the Path to Degree is similar.  Each subdiscipline has a faculty mentor to advise prospective and current students. The student's choice of a sub-discipline serves solely as a guide in the choice of courses.  Lecture courses are offered at the Graduate Center and laboratory courses are offered at the colleges. Electives can be taken in other subdisciplines, in other programs at the Graduate Center, and at New York University and Columbia University.  The program is organized so that students may move easily between subdisciplines should they choose to do so.

A list of subdisciplines and their Chairs is given below: