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Message from the Director, Faculty, and Staff of the M.S. Program in Cognitive Neuroscience:

Congratulations! We wish you continued accolades and success in all you do. The director, faculty, and staff recognize how hard you have worked throughout your time in this program, and we are proud of you. Your accomplishments are even more impressive as you carried them out during a global pandemic.

You are taking a huge step toward your future, and we cannot wait to see what becomes of it. We hope you will all come back and tell us, visit The Graduate Center, and share your research and wisdom with future MS in Cognitive Neuroscience students.

Congratulations, and we wish you much success.​

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Central Park looking very green as seen from above, looking south toward midtown, the city skyline in the difference

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From Our Alumni

Spring 2021 Graduate

Angelo Colmenero

"It’s been said that an education is what remains after you’ve forgotten everything you’ve learned —in this sense, the change a student undergoes is hard to see until challenges occasion its appearance. Inside and outside of academia I have been pleased to find aspects of myself subtly but distinctly changed in ways that I can attribute to this program’s structure and quality of courses. In just a year, I found changes in my sense of what merits questioning, resolution of thinking, and ability to learn how to learn. With these changes in mind, I highly recommend this excellent program."

Angelo Colmenero

Fall 2020 Graduate

Bernard Gomes

"The program helped me advance in my career as a Researcher, and I am grateful to have received the training and knowledge I gained from the program and under my mentor, Dr. Timothy Ellmore. After the lockdown imposition, I was stymied like everyone else, not knowing how to proceed and complete the program. However, I was incredibly pleased by the faculty and administrators' support, especially Dr. Ro and Mercado Wanda, to help arrive at a plan for completion while dealing with a personal loss. With an impaired motivation but a little tenacity, I completed the program at the end of summer 2020. Being part of CUNY can also bring numerous opportunities. I was able to teach three courses, including Neuroscience, at Hunter College in the Department of Psychology while in the program. I will not forget the experiences and knowledge I have gained from my mentors. It is only for them and the program, I could land a full-time position as Research Associate II at Cedars Sinai Medical Center under Dr. Ueli Rutishauser's lab in Los Angeles. I am excited to continue in the field with a renewed sense of motivation."

Bernard Gomes

Fall 2019 Graduate

Eva Santucci

"The Cognitive Neuroscience master’s program at the Graduate Center has provided me with a variety of real world experiences that I believe will be invaluable to future career opportunities. The program was instrumental in helping to place me in a lab that fits well with my area of interest and, which has allowed me to focus my thesis research on a topic I felt strongly about investigating, while simultaneously helping me gain hands-on experience in the field. In addition to my mentor’s willingness to accept me into her lab, she has extended her support of my goals and is willing to help me achieve them in a reasonable timeframe."

Eva Santucci
Central Park looking very green as seen from above, looking south toward midtown, the city skyline in the difference

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