• C&M can assist with the creation of digital ads, including design, copy development, and URL creation.

  • C&M can advise on strategy, placement, and post-analysis.

  • Requests should be made via the form below:

    Digital Ad Creation Request form

Digital Advertisement Process Guide

Only tax-levy funds are available for advertisements.

The purchase requisition deadline for fiscal year 2022 is Thursday March 31, 2022. The last day for advertisements to run is June 28, 2022.

Please pay careful attention to these deadlines.

Complete the Digital Ad request to set up a meeting to discuss campaign strategy.

After initial meeting with the social media team, you MUST verify that funds are available.

Fill out a Purchase Requisition Form (found on the Purchasing page).

Required fields:

  • Department
  • Tax Levy Account Number Deliver To/Attn of
  • Description (e.g., LinkedIn advertisement) Quantity (Enter “1”)
  • Unit (Enter “ea”)
  • Unit Price (Budget allocated for ad campaign) Amount (Will auto fill)
  • Department Head (Name, signature, and date) Recommended Vendor (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

Note: Please download the .pdf before filling it out.

When the requisition is complete, email it with the subject “Requisition for Digital Advertisement(s)” to Director of Purchasing Ron Paynter (rpaynter@gc.cuny.edu) and Purchasing Agent Maurice Wynter (mwynter@gc.cuny.edu). Copy Social Media Coordinator Coralie Carlson (ccarlson2@gc.cuny.edu) and Marketing Assistant Morgan Doneger (mdoneger2@gc.cuny.edu), along with any other relevant parties.

Include the intended dates of the campaign in the email.

As soon as we receive an approval email from the Purchasing Office, the communications team can move ahead with completing and placing the ad. (Note: The last day for advertisements to run in the 2022 fiscal year is June 28, 2022.)

Work with the Office of Communications and Marketing to finish the ad design and launch the campaign.

The Office of Communications and Marketing will monitor performance and send the results, such as reach, conversions, and clickthrough rates.

Digital Ad Request

Complete the form to request the creation of a digital advertisement.

Submitter's Information

Digital Ad Information

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Dates ad will run
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100 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
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