Digital Signage

Digital screens placed throughout the Graduate Center are intended to function as electronic bulletin boards, promoting programs and events at The Graduate Center and announcements central to our mission and purpose.

Graduate Center departments, centers, and organizations are encouraged to share news about events and programs using our digital screens. Below are details on how to submit signs and “flyers” for the screens.

Digital signs may display one or more of the following types of content:

  1. A list of upcoming events which is automatically generated by the GC website events calendar
  2. A slideshow of "flyers" created by members of the GC community to promote individual events, announcements or initiatives.
  3. Day-of-Event signage containing information for attendees during an event.

We recommend that all events be submitted to the events calendar prior to submitting a digital flyer to ensure maximum visibility. Contact your program/department's designated website coordinator to post your events.

The contacts below are for submission of digital flyers only. For day-of event signage, please contact

Location # of Screens Primary owner and contact
Elevator Lobbies
Floor 1/Main lobby (right side) 2 Communications & Marketing
Floors 3-7 , display cases 2/floor
Floor 8, display case (right side) 1
Concourse (C) Level
Proshansky Auditorium 2 Event Planning
C-level breakout rooms 5
Floor 1    
James Art Gallery 1 Center for Humanities
Elebash Recital Hall lobby 3 Event Planning
Mina Rees Library 3 Library Reference Desk
Floor 5
Science Center 1 Provost
DGSC Hallway 3 DGSC Co-Chair for Communications
Floor 7
Student Affairs Office 1 Student Affairs
Floor 8
Dining Commons, display cases 2 Communications & Marketing
Floor 9
Skylight Room, display cases 2 Event Planning


  1. Flyer submissions will only be accepted from members of the GC community (students, faculty, staff, administrators) using a GC email address.
  2. Flyers must be submitted as PowerPoint slides using one of the downloadable templates on this page. Other files types such as PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. will not be accepted
  3. Flyers must follow the rules for design and content outlined on this page, including those specific for event or non-event flyers.
  4. Digital Signage content managers may use their discretion to reject or require edits to a submitted flyer that does not follow stated rules and best practices.
  1. If you include the name of the GC in text, you must use the full, approved name: “CUNY Graduate Center"
  2. Content on signs and flyers must follow the Graduate Center’s editorial style guide.
  3. All text on flyers must follow ADA guidelines for accessibility:
    • Use system-standard, sans-serif fonts (Arial, Geneva, Helvetica, Verdana, Calibri). Serif and/or decorative fonts will not be permitted.This includes fonts contained within an image.
    • Use a minimum 28pt font size.
    • Ensure high contrast between text and background images/colors (ie. white text on dark colors, dark text on light colors)
    • Learn more about accessible design.
  4. Flyers may use non-English languages but must include full English translation to be displayed in public spaces (main lobby, dining commons, etc.)
  1. Submit your event to the GC website events calendar before submitting your flyer. This will ensure maximum exposure for your event. Contact your program/department's designated website coordinator to post your events.
  2. Flyers may only promote events held at 365 Fifth Avenue or at the Advanced Science Research Center. Offsite events will not be permitted.
  3. Flyers may only promote events with a GC office, department, center, etc. acting as host or sponsor/co-sponsor. Events hosted by non-GC entities without a GC host or sponsor/co-sponsor will not be permitted.
  4. Flyers must either promote a single event date, or an undated series of events (for example, a weekly workshop series held every Wednesday, or a seminar series running for the spring semester). We encourage series event signs to include a URL that lists specific dates. If you are promoting a series of events with unique dates, you must submit each individual event as a separate flyer. Flyers promoting multiple dated events on a single slide will not be accepted.
  5. Flyers may be submitted a maximum of two weeks prior to the event, or a minimum of three business days. Flyers submitted outside of this window may not be posted.
  6. Minimum Content:
    • Event name/title
    • Date & time
    • Room number/location
    • Name of hosting/sponsoring GC entity (office, department, center, initiative, etc.) 
    • Brief description (optional)
      Viewers will not have time to read more than a line or two of copy - we recommend 50 words or less.
  1. Flyers should have an intended take-down date; if none is provided, they will be removed at the end of the current semester.
  2. Flyers can advertise GC resources, services, initiatives, or major institutional news, at the discretion of individual screen owners.
  3. Flyers advertising job openings, research studies, or similarly targeted content will not be permitted.
  4. Minimum content:
    • Headline/Title
    • Brief explanation/description
    • Relevant dates/deadlines
    • Name of GC sponsor/source
  1. Day-of-event signage is intended for display during an event. It will be displayed on screens outside of the reserved event space, where and when an event is being held, for the duration of the reserved time of the event space.
  2. Day-of-event signage may include:
    • an event schedule or agenda
    • wayfinding/room assignments
    • instructions or reminders  ("Check-in at entrance"; "Attend our post-seminar networking event", etc.)
  3. Day-of-event signage must be submitted a minimum of 48 business hours prior to your event. Signs submitted with less than 48 business hours notice may not be posted.
  4. Please submit your signage to the Office of Special Events & Event Planning at and include your booking number in the email.

All templates require Microsoft PowerPoint. Please review the included instructions carefully before using.

All files below are available to the Graduate Center community via the GC's Intranet.

Please note: When altering the following templates for your flyer, do not alter the background property of the slide using the “Slide Master” or “Design” tab within PowerPoint. If you wish to have a non-white background on your flyer, you must either use an image or a shape with a fill color.

Dimensions: 14.75" x 22.25"

Master Template

Use this template if you'd like to completely customize your design. If you'd like a simple design/layout to simply plug your information into, try one of the preset templates below.

Download the template 

Preset Templates

Horizontal Feature Image
Vertical Feature Image
Speaker Headshot + Bio

Full Color/Image Background

9th Floor Breakout Room Template

Events utilizing the digital signage outside of the 9th Floor Breakout Rooms, should use this template.

Each flyer will only display on the digital signage screens for six seconds. This means your content needs to be clear, easy to read, and brief.

What not to include:

  • GC logo (this is included on all signs automatically)
  • GC Street/building address
  • Long event descriptions or abstracts
  • Long speaker bios

See below for examples of effectively-designed flyers:

Digital Signage - Example
Digital Signage - Example
Digital Signage - Example